6 Fun and Creative Ways to Decorate Your Small Office

We spend a lot of our time working. So whether you have a home office or a corporate cubical, your space should feel as welcoming and homely as possible. Your office can make a huge difference in the quality of your work. If you’re squished in a dark, messy space, you might not feel motivated to spark new ideas or get much work done at all. Don’t think you have enough room to make your office space stylish? Think again! All it takes is a little creativity to transform your office into a workspace that just works. Let us help motivate you with six creative and fun ways to decorate your small office

Decorate Your Small Office - girl using a cardboard box for an office.

6 Chic, Creative Ways to Decorate Your Small Office

Use The Right Lighting

Lighting is an important factor if you want to makeover and decorate your small office. Did you know that the type of lighting in your office can directly impact your performance at work?! Dimmer lights promote creativity, while brighter lights promote analytical thinking. You might not have control over the type of lighting in your space, and that’s okay! But if you do, consider positioning your desk near a window to illuminate it with natural light.

Fluorescent lighting can be harsh, unwelcoming, and put a strain on your eyes. So if possible, avoid working directly under the harsh glare of these lights. Instead, use a soft lamp or a task light to help you focus on paperwork or tasks that require heavy focus. 

Bring Your Office Space to Life With Indoor Plants

Have you ever sat at your desk, staring out the window, just wishing you were outside? While you might not be able to work under a palm tree or by the beach, you can bring the outdoors to you! Bring your space to life by adding indoor plants to your office. Not only do they add a stylish element, but they help to liven things up, especially if you have a dark cubical. 

If you don’t get natural sunlight in your office, make sure you choose plants that don’t need a lot of sun to survive. Not ready to commit to keeping a plant alive? (I get it, it’s a difficult task!) Opt for some realistic but artificial indoor plants instead. 

Decorate your small office

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Add Pops of Color to Brighten up Your Space

You might not have the freedom to paint your entire office pink, especially if you share it with 50 other co-workers. But can you add pops of color to your space to brighten things up and add a little inspiration to your day? That doesn’t have to mean painting your cubical wall either. 

You can add pops of color to your office by adding funky pieces of decor! Brighten things up by adding a funky yellow lamp, a stylish orange office chair, or a cute pink pen holder. If you have a home office, you can brighten up your space by adding a color feature wall with a stick and peel wallpaper!

Add Wall Art to Inspire Creativity

Nothing brings a space to life and inspires creativity the way art does. If you share your co-working space, you’re probably limited in your art options. Your co-workers might not love your seascapes or puppy pics hanging on the walls. But you can still decorate your small office by displaying your art or photos in picture frames that can sit on your desk! 

Display your favorite photos with friends and family (appropriate for the office!) Or adorable pics of your pup to bring you little joy throughout the day. Perhaps, opt for mini sculptures you can place on your desk to add a chic element to your office decor. If you have the freedom to go all out in styling your home office, choose bright, uplifting pieces of wall art. You might consider fun, abstract art as a way to decorate your workspace or a large, modern wall clock!

Organize Your Desk

It’s almost impossible to be productive at work if you have a messy desk, especially if you have a small office. With papers all over the place, files unorganized, and staples everywhere, how can you possibly put in a good day’s work!? You might even find yourself putting off the smallest of tasks because you have a messy space. That’s why it’s super important to organize your desk! Don’t worry though, you can make organizing your files and office supplies cute and stylish!

Always losing track of important printouts? Store your papers in this rose gold letter tray. Say bye-bye to paper clip mess, and store them in this chic marble holder. Organize your files and place them in this stylish wall-mounted file organizer. Want to makeover all of your office supplies? Swap out your standard supplies for these chic rose gold office accessories

Use a Wall Grid Panel

If you’re stuck with a small office, you might not have the space to display your memos, personal photos or wall art. That’s where the wall grid panel comes in! Think of it as the elevated, stylish version of the classic fabric walls you may have seen in your office cubical. 

Use your panel to display your favorite pictures or inspirational quotes, or, invest in a wall grid panel shelf to display ornaments or succulents. You can also use your paper clips to pin up important reminders, i.e “meeting at 4 pm” so you don’t forget another meeting again!

Ready to Decorate Your Small Office at Work?

No matter what you budget, use these 6 office decor ideas to bring more joy, creativity, and personal flair to your work day.

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