7 Beautiful Things That Start to Happen When You Accept Yourself

There is no better feeling than when you accept yourself, but don’t get me wrong, self-acceptance isn’t easy. There’s no one shoe fits all approach. It is a long journey filled with twisting paths and bumpy roads. But luckily, self-acceptance is something you can work on and nourish. Think of it as a skill you learn rather than something you naturally have.

4 women displaying body acceptance as part of the body positive movement

As you start to accept yourself little by little, you will notice an abundance of beautiful, positive changes in your life!

What Happens When You Accept Yourself?

1. You Stop Caring About What Other People Think.

Caring about what other people think is completely normal, but when you accept yourself, that can change. When you’ve reached a point of acceptance, you’ll stop focusing on the thoughts and opinions of others around you. You will do things that make you happy rather than doing things for the approval of others. This can mean rocking your craziest outfit despite a few strange looks in the street because it makes you feel good!

2. You Are Grateful For What You Have.

Instead of thinking of all the ways your life could better, you start to feel gratitude for what you already have. You will begin to notice and appreciate all the little things that make your life wonderful. You will no longer search for outside forms of validation and instead appreciate all you are lucky enough to have. Isn’t that refreshing?

3. You See New Opportunities.

We realize that we have a unique perspective and something special to offer the world. No one has had the same experiences or walked the same path as you. No one has your personality, your thoughts or ideas, and that makes you really extraordinary! We begin to see incredible new opportunities open up in front of us, and notice the ones we may have missed.

4. You Attract Like-Minded People.

When you embrace the weird and wonderful side of you, it will open doors for a beautiful new community of like-minded people. When you are authentically you, your community will feel naturally gravitated towards you. You begin to see that there are a ton of people who share your similar interests and values. You might even learn to have more fun and even have a few more late nights than you planned!

Accepting yourself isn’t easy. For a little help getting there, check out our article A Complete Guide To Accepting Yourself Unconditionally. You got this!

Accepting yourself unconditionally - young woman hugging herself.

5. You Stop Judging Yourself.

This isn’t easy for anyone. But when you fully accept yourself, that means accepting your mistakes, flaws, and all the messy parts of you. You realize that all your experiences and mistakes make you who you are. You will experience gratitude for overcoming obstacles and realize that you wouldn’t change a thing about yourself or your past.

6. You Value Your Alone Time.

You’ll stop running from your emotions and thoughts and instead learn to accept them. You’ll feel more confident in your ability to be alone and actually enjoy your own company. Alone time gives you a greater appreciation for yourself, time to recharge and reflect, and a chance to get in touch with your emotions. As a plus, alone time can mean fun new solo activities like yoga, meditation, or journaling!

7. You Will Love Yourself.

Accepting yourself means loving yourself. With self-love, you will stop being your own worst critic and truly love yourself for all the reasons that make you, you. You’ll look back on your past with gratitude and forgiveness. You’ll cherish the moments that made you happy and accept and forgive your past mistakes. And it feels damn good!

When you accept yourself, you allow an abundance of positive changes into your life. Self-acceptance isn’t an easy feat, but I promise, with practice, you can get there! Remember to be kind to yourself, practice gratitude and be forgiving. With a little self-acceptance practice every day, we can get there, friends!

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