Creative Tips to Perfectly Arrange Your Bed in a Small Bedroom

Have you got a small bedroom? Want to make sure you’re arranging your bed correctly to get the most out of your space? Or are you struggling to see how you could possibly squeeze your bed into your tiny room? We’re here to help! No matter how small your bedroom is, there are creative and even stylish ways to maximize your petite space. Get ready to embrace your cozy room with our creative tips to perfectly arrange your bed in a small bedroom! 

Girl wondering how to Arrange Your Bed In A Small Bedroom.

Hacks To Arrange Your Bed in a Small Bedroom

Ironically, your small bedroom may feel like a huge burden. But think of the positives! It’s less room you have to decorate. It’s less cleaning. And after you implement these tips, you might even come to think of your space as cozy rather than claustrophobic. 

Place Your Bed Against a Wall

We’re going to first aim for symmetry, which will require you to place your bed in the center of a wall without obstructions. I.e., a wall without windows or a closet – usually the wall directly opposite your entryway. Placing your bed in the center of a wall is the best possible layout for a small room. The symmetry makes the room feel inviting, balanced and harmonious. However, it won’t be possible for all spaces, especially if you’re trying to squeeze a California king in the tiniest of rooms. 

When you arrange your bed in a small bedroom, you want to ensure it doesn’t block any doors or pathways. You should be able to walk around your bed without tripping over in the middle of the night. So if you have to jump onto your bed from the entryway, perhaps you want to consider one of the other layouts below! 

Place Your Bed in The Corner of the Room

It’s not always possible to place your bed in the center of the room, especially in rooms with unique layouts. In these cases, you may have to arrange your bed plush against two walls. (Preferably, in the corner of the room, opposite the entryway.) It might sound cramped to have to push your bed up against two walls. But if you add cushions to the long side of the bed, it can double as a comfy day bed/afternoon reading nook. Cozy, right? 

With this layout, it may be a little annoying to make the bed or change the sheets. For this reason, opt for minimal sheets and just one warm blanket to save you some time in the mornings and on washing day! 

Place Your Bed Against a Window

You might be absolutely opposed to placing your bed underneath a window. How will you take in the view with your morning coffee?! But in some small bedrooms, placing your bed under a window is unavoidable, especially in rooms with closets. Nevertheless, this layout doesn’t have to be the worst-case scenario. It can actually be lovely! 

The first tip to making this layout look desirable is to add some chic curtains to the mix. They provide privacy, block unwanted drafts from the window, and add a stylish element to the room. The second tip is to opt for an open bed frame. While solid bed frames make comfy headrests, they aren’t ideal for a bed against a window since they’ll block out the sunlight. An open bed frame will allow the sunlight to warm the room during the day and won’t block out the view. 

Alternate Options to ​​Arrange Your Bed in a Small Bedroom

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t seem to arrange your bed in a small bedroom, don’t give up just yet! There may be alternative options that can help. 

Loft Bed

With so many of us working from home, we need the space in our bedrooms for our home office. If your bedroom doesn’t fit your desk, you might be thinking you’ll have to resort to taking Zoom calls from your bed. Don’t schedule your meetings just yet! There is a solution to having both your office and your bed in one room. And it’s actually very trendy.

Loft beds are raised off the ground, allowing the below floor space to be utilized. By choosing a loft bed, you gain much-needed square footage for your office space or extra storage. Place your loft bed against a free wall, ideally opposite the closet, for the best flow. Hello, work from home living!

Clothes folded in a draw using Storage hacks for a small bedroom.

To help you utilize that extra storage, check out our article here for our 10 genius storage hacks.

Murphy Bed

If you’re after ample space to work during the day, or if you’re in a studio apartment, this space-saving hack is for you. Say hello to the Murphy bed! This discrete bed will allow you the space to work from home, do your yoga practice or have a mid-day dance party! 

When you’ve finished your activities for the day, unfold your Murphy bed and get ready for slumber. Yes, rearrangements will need to be done, such as relocating your desk and office chair. But it is a fair compromise to use your bedroom for sleeping, working, and recreation. Opting for a foldable office desk will save you some time when it comes to arranging your space at night. It also makes storing it during the night a breeze. 

Arrange Your Bed in a Small Bedroom

Hopefully, you’ve decided on the perfect home for your bed, and you’re starting to see your room as cozy rather than a shoebox! Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different layouts and positions for your bed. I promise putting it under the window isn’t as bad as it seems! For more small bedroom space-saving hacks, join our newsletter below.