We Share The 10 Best Pieces Of Relationship Advice Ever

We’ve rounded up the 10 best pieces of relationship advice EVER. After reading this, you and your beau will #couplegoals long after the honeymoon phase is over. Thank us later.

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The 10 Best Pieces Of Relationship Advice Ever

Ever wondered what the secret to a healthy relationship is? Perhaps it’s open communication, or maybe it’s following our 10 best pieces of relationship advice! Let’s dive in.

1. Let Things Go

Even though you’re on cloud nine with your partner 99 percent of the time, you might still get frustrated at some things they do. Do they eat really loudly, or take forever deciding what to eat for dinner?

Even though they may do things that irk you, if you want to be in a healthy relationship, you have to let things slide. This goes for arguments and disagreements too. Being able to let things go will help you not hold on to unnecessary resentment and get back to being all loved up! 

2. Find The Funny

There’s no doubt that relationships are tough, and most people don’t enjoy arguing or discussing what’s not working in a relationship. Humor can help you look at problems in a new light that may otherwise seem overwhelming and damaging to a relationship.

It’s important not to take yourself so seriously, and it’s hard to be angry when you’re both cracking up. All it takes is one joke to lighten the mood and shift your perspective. And you don’t have to be a comedian to make your partner laugh! It’s about finding humor in the every day and enjoying it together.

3. Remember To Have Fun!

When you first start dating, everything is brand new, exhilarating, and fun! Even watching Netflix is something to look forward to! But as relationships progress, we often get into a routine.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Start dating each other again and make time for things you both love. It could be going to the restaurant you went to for your first date, traveling to a new place, or taking a class together. Take turns planning a date night each week.

If you’re not sure where to start, think about what makes your partner happy and do more of that!

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4. Maintain Your Friendships

Don’t go MIA as soon as you meet your new flame. Sure, you can miss a few weekends with your pals for date nights. But don’t make it a habit to always cancel on your friends to stay in with your beau. Friendships are good for the soul and are an integral part of your practice of self-love while in a relationship.

Don’t wait for your friends to organize the next margarita night. Take matters into your own hands and reach out first! Maintaining friendships allows a healthy distance from your partner and an opportunity for life-long memories with your crew.

5. Don’t Try To Change Your Partner

Just because you are two peas in a pod doesn’t mean you are the same person. Your partner isn’t going to agree with everything you have to say or want to do everything you want to do. They are entitled to their own opinions, thoughts, and beliefs.

Instead of demanding that they act or live the way you want them to, show them you value them for exactly who they are. After all, it would be pretty unexciting to be in a relationship with a mirror version of you. The sooner you celebrate your differences instead of trying to change them, the sooner you’ll appreciate what you both bring to the table.

6. Be Present When You Spend Quality Time With Your Beau

The idea of being “present” can sound a bit abstract. You might be sitting right in front of your beau, but are you really being present? Or are you scrolling on your phone or thinking about a work assignment?

Being present means you are fully engaged and focused on the current moment. Basically, your undivided attention is on whatever the activity at hand is, i.e., having dinner with your partner. There’s nothing worse than talking to someone who doesn’t seem to be listening. By being present, you’ll strengthen the connection and trust in your relationship. 

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7. Set Healthy Boundaries

Establishing boundaries allows you to set expectations, define what you are comfortable with and how you want to be treated.

To set effective boundaries, you have to ask yourself what you need and talk openly with your partner. Boundaries will look different for each person. They are for you, and only you, so don’t worry about anyone else when you’re setting them. It’s also important to make it known when your boundaries are not respected.

8. Prioritize “Me-Time”

Yes, it can be tempting to spend 24/7 snuggled up in your love cave with your beau. But having alone time to practice self-love and self-care will be extremely beneficial in your relationship.

Your self-love practice is something you should partake in alone to properly connect with yourself. Through this connection, you’re able to have a deeper understanding of yourself, which allows for a meaningful connection with others. Plus, it helps you maintain your individuality and not lose sight of who you are.

9. Healthy Communication

Remember, no matter how well you know your partner and how much you love each other, you cannot read each other’s minds. Be sure to talk to each other. Open communication helps avoid misunderstandings that could blow up into something bigger and cause hurt anger and confusion.

It’s important to find a communication style you’re both happy with, so you don’t overload them or leave them hanging! 

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10. Remember That You And Your Partner Are On The Same Team

One of the best pieces of relationship advise is to remember that you and your partner are on the same team. That means not getting hung up on who was right or wrong when a problem or conflict arises.

When you’re on the same team, you no longer think about your sole interest when making decisions. You consider how they will affect your partner. That doesn’t mean you can pursue your own interests, it just means you won’t do things that will hurt, or upset your partner. 

And FYI, no relationship is perfect. And that’s okay! 

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