Can You Wash Hair Dye Out With Hot Water Safely? What We Recommend

So, you’ve dyed your hair, but now you’re frantically googling “can you wash hair dye out?” to rid this shade from your locks, STAT!? Don’t stress; we’re here to tell it straight on what works and what doesn’t. 

Keep reading for all you need to know about washing hair dye out at home, as well as our DIY hair dye removal hacks!

The Different Types Of Hair Dye

Before we dive into removing hair dye at home, it’s important to understand the different types of hair dyes. And if they can be washed out.

Temporary Hair Dye

A temporary hair dye is a wash-out hair color that lasts for a couple of shampoos. Temporary hair dye gives you the option to play with a bold look while preserving the health of your hair. 

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Semi-permanent hair dye lasts for around 4-6 weeks. The dye coats the surface of the hair instead of permanently changing the hair’s color. 

Permanent Hair Dye

Despite the name, permanent hair dye won’t last forever. You can expect your color to stay vibrant for 8-10 weeks. But after that, you’ll notice the color start to fade

Photo of a hair dye shampoo. How long does hair dye shampoo last?

Can You Wash Hair Dye Out With Hot Water Safely?

Is hot water is the answer to ridding your hair of your unwanted new hue? Yes and no. Let us explain.

If you’ve dyed your hair with a temporary hair dye, you can celebrate, as it can be washed out with water! Phew.

We don’t necessarily recommend washing it out with hot water though, as it will dry your stands leading to brittle, frizzy locks. But, you can wash your temporary hair dye out with a good shampoo and warm water. It may take a couple of washes for it to fade entirely. But don’t worry, it will.

If you’ve dyed your hair with a semi-permanent/permanent hair dye, unfortunately, hot water isn’t the answer to removing unwanted color. Sorry! 

With that said, if you’ve applied your box dye and had a change of heart while the dye’s developing, there is some hope! Washing the dye out with warm-hot water will cause it to come out less vibrant than rising with cold water. 

That’s because cold water locks in your new hue, while warm-hot water opens the hair’s cuticles, causing the color to fade. So if you’re reading this with dye in your hair, give it a good rinse with warm-hot(ish) water. 

But what about if I dyed my hair a week ago? Can you wash hair dye out if it’s already developed? 

If you’ve been living with a hue you despise, and you don’t want to grab another boxed dye, we may be able to help. Ditch the hot water and try these hair dye removal hacks instead. 

Can You Wash Hair Dye Out? DIY Hair Dye Removal Hacks

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo And Baking Soda

This unusual DIY hair removal hack is one people swear by for removing unwanted color from their strands. A mix of baking soda (a powerful stain remover) and anti-dandruff shampoo lift color from your hair without causing damage to your tresses. 

The strong stain-removing properties of baking soda mixed with selenium sulfide in the anti-dandruff shampoo are known to dramatically fade color. For this hack, we recommend using the BIOLAGE Anti-Dandruff Shampoo as it’s gentle on your tresses. 

All you need to do is mix half a teaspoon of baking soda with your regular amount of shampoo. Then, wash your hair as normal. FYI, it may take a couple of washes with this concoction for your color to noticeably fade. 

Use Vitamin C

You’ve probably heard of people slathering lemon juice onto their hair then bathing in the sun, hoping it will lighten their strands. Well, they have vitamin C to thank for that! Vitamin C is a powerful lightening agent that can fade color quickly without causing damage.

If you’ve got some vitamin C tablets on deck, then you’re in luck! But if not, you can grab some vitamin C tablets here

You’ll need around 15 tablets crushed into powder form. A clarifying shampoo (this shampoo by Acure has our vote) and a mixing bowl.

Mix your powder with a tablespoon of your clarifying shampoo, then apply the mask to your hair. You’ll want to leave it on your locks for 30-60 minutes. You may want to use a shower cap to avoid getting messy! Once the times up, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Like the previous hair dye removal hack, it may take a couple of applications before you notice the color fading. But stick with it!

Plain White Vinegar

While the smell won’t be ideal, some people claim using white vinegar to remove unwanted color has been a godsend. 

All you do is mix equal parts vinegar and equal parts warm water (¼ cup each should be enough to cover long hair.) Then pour the mixture over your locks, ensuring they’re completely saturated. Put your shower cap on and let the mix develop for 20 minutes. Then, shampoo your hair, and you should notice your unwanted color running out! Thank goodness.

Can You Wash Hair Dye Out – The Takeaway

When you’re attempting to remove your unwanted hair color at home, it’s more important than ever to give your hair some extra TLC. That means treating your locks to a lush hair mask once a week and some nourishing hair oils after every wash. Haircare will help combat the damage done from the dye and any potential irritation from your DIY hair hacks.

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