14 Cheap and Easy Ways to Care for Bleached Hair

Who doesn’t love a head of bright, shiny blonde hair? But while bleached hair can be a lot of fun, it does take a toll on your hair. So if you want to get and maintain the look you crave, then you need to know how to care for bleached hair. Otherwise, you’re going to end up with split ends and ugly roots.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back (or your hair, in this case). Here are 14 cheap and easy ways you can use to care for bleached hair — and keep it looking good and staying healthy!

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Treatments for Extra Love & Care for Bleached Hair

The first few ways are various treatments you can use to care for bleached hair. You can easily shop for some of them at your local store, while you can make the others yourself using simple, inexpensive ingredients.


This tip is for hair that’s crunchy dry. It’s guaranteed to perk up any bleached bob that’s crying out for moisture.

Firstly, heat coconut oil in a pan or microwave just until it’s melted. Make sure it’s not hotter than water you would use to wash your hair in. Then cover your shoulders with an old t-shirt or towel.

Next, divide your hair into sections. Using a cotton ball, pull hot oil through each section of hair, starting half an inch above the roots and concentrating on the ends. Let the oil soak in for 5-15 minutes before shampooing thoroughly until your hair doesn’t feel greasy.

Check for more products as amazing fractioned coconut oil, organic coconut oil and weightless hydrating oil mist!


This is a chance to use up old bottles of conditioner you may have. Find as many as you can, and mix them into a “conditioner cocktail”.

Apply it after shampooing. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes, then massage thoroughly, paying careful attention to the ends.


This old-school hair care technique is making a comeback! Before washing, coat your hair with mayonnaise as though it is regular conditioner. Leave it on for 5-15 minutes, then rinse off with cool water!

The cholesterol in the mayonnaise will help make your hair lustrous and shiny.


As you may have guessed by now, bleached hair needs all the conditioning it can get.

So get a leave-in conditioner or, in a pinch, use a small amount of regular conditioner in your hair. This will help to keep those flyaways from springing up, too.


Weekly application of a moisturizing mask can make a huge difference in the care for bleached hair.

Local stores or salons have reasonably cheap hair mask products. Or you can make your own using ingredients such as avocado, honey, egg white and almond oil.

Our recommendation is amazing Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Hair Masque.


Do you happen to eat a lot of rice? Unless you use a rice steamer, save the water used to boil the rice and use it as a rinse on your hair.

It doesn’t cost anything and can strengthen your hair strands by adding a substance called inositol.

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Non-Treatment Hair Care Tips for Bleached Hair

Not a fan of treatments, or just want more tips to care for bleached hair? Here are some things you need to take note of.


Yes, you read that right. If your hair is bleached, you shouldn’t wash it every day unless it’s extremely oily.

Rinsing it in plain water should do fine, or you can skip the shampoo and go straight to the conditioner. Or just utilize that shower cap!


On the days when you do wash your hair, use a toner shampoo and conditioner made for blonde hair.

These are usually tinted blue and will help neutralize any brassy tones as your blonde ages.


Don’t throw out that old, threadbare cotton t-shirt. It’s perfect for drying your hair, because it can help to lock in some much-needed moisture and prevent frizz.

Simply squeeze your hair gently with it, while being careful not to sop up too much water. Alternatively, you can use a microfiber towel for the same effect.


Don’t comb your hair when it’s dry, because this increases tangles and frizz.

Instead, you should comb after showering. Or if you really need to style before you leave, use a bit of moisturizer before combing. This will help keep your hair tangle-free without doing any more damage to it.

Remember to use a flexible brush or a wide-toothed comb!


It may be tempting to use a straight iron, blow-dryer, or curling iron to make the most of your hairstyle. But taking at least a few days off any heat is a fantastic way to care for bleached hair and make it last.

Also, don’t wash your hair in scalding hot water or a steaming shower. Use a shower cap if you want a hot shower and then wash your hair separately in medium to lukewarm water.

Let your hair air dry whenever possible. You can also use an old t-shirt or microfiber towel if you want to — but don’t rub your hair vigorously.


Apart from artificial heat, bleached hair is extremely vulnerable to sun damage. Prolonged sun exposure can cause much worse damage to bleached hair than simply getting lighter in color.

So remember to use an SPF spray on your hair or, especially if your style is short, wear a hat.

Steph4Brits demonstrates 4 clip in ponytails how to care for bleached hair
Get your long blond look without the bleach, use these great clip in ponytails!

Quick & Easy Hacks to Care for Bleached Hair

Now, the above methods require you to spend some time and effort to care for bleached hair directly. But what if you’re just too busy?

Don’t fret. There are a couple of ways to care for bleached hair without having to do anything special on a regular basis. Intrigued? Read on…


Tying your hair back can increase damage and even result in hair breakage. And if your hair is particularly damaged, ponytails can cause traction alopecia, where your hair literally starts to fall out!

So keep your hair down unless you need to tie it back to keep it out of the way. Use a softer scrunchy if possible, and never tie your hair with a rubber band. Also, don’t tie your ponytail too tight.

Alternatively, you can wear clip-in ponytail extensions to get your dream ponytail… without risking any damage to your hair!

Woman with bleached hair holding a silk pillow case to care for her bleached hair.
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If you’re going to opt for extensions, make sure you care for them to make them last! Our article 7 Ways to Care for Hair Extensions will tell you how to do just that.

Woman holding multi-colored hair extension samples, learning how to care for hair extensions


Not only does a silk pillowcase feel good, it also does bleached hair a world of good.

It prevents breakage and helps your hair hold its style on the days you skip the shampoo. It also helps reduce wear and tear on your skin.

Don’t want to worry about all of this care for bleached hair?

Of course, the easiest alternative is not to bleach your hair in the first place.

After all, there are many ways to get that bleached look without actually bleaching or dyeing your hair. One of which is to use clip-in ponytail extensions — you can even change your look every day if you wish! Or switch up your color with Hally Hair Color, a fun and gentle alternative to bleach!

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