7 Easy Ways to Care for Hair Extensions and Make Them Last

As a woman, one of the best ways to transform your looks is through the help of hair extensions. They’re easy on the eye, convenient, and boost your overall confidence. But keeping them flawless isn’t always easy — despite your gorgeous look when you walk out of the salon. It all boils down to how well you care for hair extensions.

Woman holding multi-colored hair extension samples, learning how to care for hair extensions

7 Ways to Easily Care for Hair Extensions at Home

The good news is, you don’t need magic (or a salon) to do this! What you need though, is a strict aftercare routine to care for hair extensions in the comfort of your home. This will not only boost your hair’s durability, but also maintain its perfect look.

Read on as we give a few tips on how to care for hair extensions like a pro and make them last.

1. Wash Your Hair Extensions Properly

First things first! The most important routine to care for hair extensions is to wash them properly. Treat your extensions the same way you’d treat your natural locks during your hair washing routine. That being said, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Always remember to use the technician-recommended shampoo and conditioner to wash your extensions.
  • Check that the bonds remain in place while washing your extensions. Different extensions (whether they’re micro-rings, silicon-lined, or pre-taped wefts) have different requirements for this, so make sure you know yours.
  • Get the right ingredients that will keep your natural hair growing healthily, while maintaining your extensions in perfect condition. This means you should avoid washing soaps that contain ingredients such as sulfates and alcohol. Because these will strip your hair of its natural oils and make your extensions more likely to get matted.

During the washing, focus on getting the shampoo to your hair roots to remove the excess oils that may have formed. Also, make sure you apply conditioner to the ends for nourishing.

Always wash your hair with warm water, not cold or scorching hot water. Otherwise, you’ll risk stripping your hair and scalp of their natural oils.

Here are 4 recommendations for great conditioners:

2. Avoid Sleeping with Wet Extensions

The next step to care for hair extensions after washing them is to take them out for drying. With wigs, it can be tempting to sleep with them while they’re damp — but don’t give in! Always make sure you dry them thoroughly before you go to bed.

That’s because hair is at its weakest when wet. So all the tossing and turning while you’re asleep can affect both your extensions and natural locks. This means matted roots, or fallen-out extensions. Or tangled extensions that will take you forever to sort out once you wake up!

Another way to make sure that your hair doesn’t get entangled when you’re sleeping is to use Blissy silk pillowcases. Its 100% Pure Mulberry 22-Momme Silk is more gentle on hair than cotton. So it’s able to prevent split ends and hair damage, giving you beautiful hair while you sleep.

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3. Brush Your Extensions Gently

Brushing your extensions ensures that they remain smooth and beautiful. But just like natural hair, brushing extensions harshly will cause some strands to fall out.

Invest in a high quality brush to help you do this right. Start by brushing the ends of your extensions while working your way up. Doing this will bring minor strains to your natural hair, extensions, and scalp. The more you do it, the more you can prevent entanglements.

You can brush like this many times in a day, as long as you’re gentle. Just remember to do it in the morning, before sleeping, as well as before and after washing your extensions.

4. Check the Bonds & Separate Them Daily

This may sound tedious and time-consuming on paper, but it really isn’t. Because all you need to do is use your fingers to feel the bonds and ensure that none of them is entangled. If there are, then separate the entangled ones — sometimes with the help of a brush or comb. That’s it!

The entire process should take you no more than a few minutes every single day. But it is crucial in preventing the extensions from becoming matted.

5. Schedule Regular Conditioning Treatments

Your extensions are only bonded to the root. This means that they won’t receive any of the natural oils your own hair is fed with. So to keep them hydrated and maintain that gorgeous shine, regular conditioning treatments are needed. Try to schedule one treatment at least every 10 days or so.

As long as you don’t apply the treatment near the root, you can use any products you wish. Natural products such as argan oil and coconut oil are perfect for keeping your extensions smooth and shiny. You can even use natural ingredients to make your own hair mask at home if you wish!

6. Turn Down the Heat on Your Extensions

Just like your natural hair, too much heat will cause damage to your extensions. When this happens, no number of conditioning treatments can bring it back to its flawless state.

To avoid overheating, use heat protectant, stick to the recommended temperature variations, and take occasional breaks when strengthening.

Oh, and when you use a hairdryer, put it on the cold setting! This is better for the bonds in your hair extensions.

7. Don’t Use Too Many Hair Products

More doesn’t necessarily mean better in this case. We recommend using only a heat protectant, dry shampoo, or shine spray.

Even so, dry shampoos should be used sparingly — because they tend to dry out extensions.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

When it comes to your hair extensions, durability is always a factor to consider. Because you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck when investing your hard-earned money. It is also worth noting that how you care for hair extensions can significantly affect how long they can last.

No matter how well you care for hair extensions, you can’t wear them forever. That’s why we recommend replacing extensions every 6 to 8 weeks. But proper care and regular trips to your hairstylist for upkeep can extend this to a few months.

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Get Amazing Hair Without Hair Extensions

There is no doubt that hair extensions make you look gorgeous and boost your overall confidence. But it isn’t the only way to make sure you get amazing hair that people admire.

A simple, fuss-free way to ensure that your hair’s always on point WITHOUT using hair extensions is to wear clip-in ponytail extensions. You can even change your look (and color!) as often as you like without risking hair damage, or worrying about how to care for hair extensions.

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