Is High-End Makeup Truly Worth the Money?

Let’s get one thing out of the way. When it comes to women’s cosmetics, the benefits of purchasing high-end makeup isn’t that straightforward.

After all, the job of makeup is to cover your eye bags and conceal any wrinkles or spots. So as long as your makeup does the job, does it matter if you got it from Target?

Apparently, it DOES matter to many women, who continue to buy high-end makeup despite their hefty price tag. Read on to find out more.

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Does High-End Makeup Really Make A Difference?

There’s no doubt popping that L’Oréal bronzer out of the plastic lacks the glamor of unwrapping a box of Dior Dreamskin primer. But what about the products themselves?

Look, high-end makeup is more than lovely packaging. A lot of research, development and testing went into identifying the right ingredients and creating formulas for their products. How else do you think they’re able to get that fabulous bronzer to go on your skin like a whisper of silk?!

High-end makeup brands incorporate serums, light-reflectors and sunscreens into their foundations and primers, so they’re good for your skin. That’s a bonus you won’t get in a ten-dollar concealer.

close-up-of-woman-with-brown-hair-wearing-red-lipstick-and-high-end-makeup-products Is High-End Makeup Truly Worth the Money?

Why High-End Makeup Could be Worth the Money

Here are some other reasons Tom Ford eyeliner costs as much as dinner out — and is completely worth it.

1. Better pigmentation

Makeup is all about color, right? In general, luxury makeup brands put a lot more pigmentation in their products for better color saturation. This means you don’t need to use as much to get the desired effect.

2. High quality applicators

You wouldn’t use a paper towel to polish your car, so why would you use a cheap makeup brush on your skin? Designer applicators are much higher quality and are often meant for use with a specific product.

A high-end makeup applicator can make a big difference in how the makeup looks once you’ve put it on. So splurging on an expensive product that comes with the applicator may be worth it.

Let’s face it. For your face, would you prefer a Dior brush that feels like silk or a cheapo that feels like a three-day beard?

3. No weird smells

High-end makeup brands put a lot into fragrance for their products. These aren’t noticeable aromas like lavender or rose. But a sort of nondescript, pleasing scent that may mask the odor of some of the ingredients.

On the flip side, some brands like Clinique have built a makeup and skincare cult around being fragrance-free.

4. Lasts longer throughout the day

Ingredients in high-end makeup are more concentrated than in drugstore makeup brands, so they generally last longer.

So if you don’t want makeup that smears easily and frequently throughout the day, you may have to pay more.

5. Goes on more smoothly

When applying foundation, you won’t want to end up with a patchy face. That’s what you could get with drugstore makeup that drags or feels chalky. The worst thing is not being able to blend the product, no matter how much you rub.

Fortunately, high-end makeup brands tend to use better binders. So you get that silky feel when it goes on your skin, and offers better coverage.

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Why You Should Think Twice About High-End Makeup

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to using high-end makeup. Let’s go over some of its downsides.

1. Not always better for your skin

While we mentioned that some high-end makeup does include extra ingredients good for your skin, this isn’t always the case.

You see, high-end hair and skin care products focus on whether their ingredients contribute to the health of your hair or skin. But with makeup products, the focus is on how rich the color is and how long it lasts. So while the visual effect of high-end makeup is better than drugstore makeup, they’re equally good (or bad) for your skin health.

In fact, the potent ingredients in high-end makeup could be too harsh and clog pores over time, causing nasty breakouts. If you already have acne-prone skin, this skincare range may help.

2. Has the same shelf life as drugstore makeup

Paying more for high-end makeup doesn’t mean you get to keep it for a longer period of time. It will still expire at the same time as drugstore makeup. So only you can determine if it’s worth the money for a couple of applications before its shelf life is up.

3. You can’t justify the price

High-end makeup costs around 3 to 5 times more than drugstore makeup. But are its benefits also 3 to 5 times more? (Hint: Typically, no.)

Even if it lasts a little longer or has a brighter shade of color, the hefty price tag still isn’t easy to justify.

So Is High-End Makeup Right for You?

Need to put on the bronzer and winged eyeliner to collect the food delivery outside your door? Then yes — high-end makeup is probably worth it to you. You can justify it as an important component of your skincare routine.

But what if you’re more the tinted moisturizer and lip balm kind of girl? Then you’ll most likely be just as happy to grab whatever you need from the local store.

The only exception is if you use foundation and concealer regularly. Because high-end makeup makes the most difference when it comes to foundation and concealer, which require even and thorough coverage to mask flaws. So it could be worth it to spend a bit more on these.

Also, if you apply makeup to enhance your features rather than hide any flaws, high-end makeup may not be for you. Because in your case, there isn’t much difference in the effect of high-end makeup versus drugstore makeup.

You can also choose products like these magnetic eyelashes, which can give you the high-end look without the high-end price tag. Plus, they take just a few minutes to apply and remove — and you can change your look every single day if you want.

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The Best Splurges for the Occasional Pampering

Every now and then you could need a makeup splurge, so what high-end makeup products are worth the occasional spree? High-end concealer, primer, foundation or tinted moisturizer, and powder are all worth the luxury cost.

Surprisingly, lipstick is also a good splurge. Designer brands tend to have better pigmentation and more moisturizers (like shea butter) — all essentials for a long-lasting, pretty pout.

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