How Long Does A Fade Last? Cool Tapered Haircuts & Women’s Fades

Move over long hair. This short, powerful, sexy haircut is here to take the throne. But what exactly is a fade haircut? How long does a fade last? And it is the same thing as a tapered cut?! Read on to find out.

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Fade Haircuts For Women

When you think of a fade, you probably picture men’s haircuts. But fades are becoming increasingly popular with women, and for good reason! These haircuts are bold, self-expressive, and damn cool. 

There are many types of fades, and it’s easy to get them mixed up. From low fades, medium-high fades to skin fades and tapered cuts. (Don’t worry, we’ll explain!) Let’s start with traditional fades and what exactly this trendy hairstyle is. 

What Is A Fade?

A fade haircut features a bald (or close to it) back and sides, transitioning to more length on the top of the head. It is referred to as a “fade” because there is a variation in hair length. The hair isn’t cut all the same length, and it typically gets longer towards the top of the head.

As for low, medium, and high fades, all that means is where the haircut begins on your head. Low fades start about a third the way up on your head. Medium fades start two-thirds the way up, and high fades begin at the top of your head, near the crown.

What Is a Tapered Haircut?

Now that we’ve covered fades, let’s talk about tapered haircuts. Are they the same as fades?

Tapered haircuts feature longer tops and shorter backs and sides with a transition between the lengths. The hair on the top is left 2-4 inches longer than the hair on the backs and sides. 

Like fades, tapered haircuts come in different styles, from short tapers, medium tapers to long tapers. These different styles refer to the length of hair on the sides and backs. 

What’s The Difference Between Fades And Tapered Haircuts?

Many people confuse these two trendy haircuts, but there is an important difference!

A tapered haircut is similar to a fade, but the difference is the length of the hair on the sides and back. With a fade haircut, there is little to no hair remaining on the sides. But with a tapered haircut, there is still some length be it a couple of inches or more depending on the client’s preference. 

Should I Choose A Fade or A Tapered Haircut?

Going for a daring new hairstyle is a big decision you shouldn’t take lightly. And while choosing between a fade and a tapered cut may seem easy enough, there are a few key factors to consider.

Do you want to style your hair in varying looks? Do you want to switch up your hair for different occasions, or just because you feel like it? If so, the tapered haircut may be for you! It allows you to rock a bold short haircut while still having the ability to style it in different ways. If you’ve never rocked a short do before, this could be the perfect transitioning hairstyle to try on.

For some women who are used to having longer hair, going straight into a fade may be too daunting. Whereas with a tapered haircut, you get the best of both worlds. It allows you to try on a short do to see if the length works for you and your lifestyle. Then, if you fall in love with your short style, you can head to your hairdressers for a funky fade!

Do you want a haircut where you can wake up and go, not worry about styling your hair while also rocking a super-powerful do? The fade cut is calling your name! Many women proclaim their fades have made them feel super empowered, strong, and sexy. 

If you’ve had long hair, you know the struggle of how annoying it can be having to style it every day. You can kiss that burden goodbye with a fade haircut! And that’s not the only plus of this trendy look. It also really emphasizes your facial features. Your eyes will pop, and your smile will shine. 

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How Long Does A Fade Last?

While short haircuts are easy to style and save you a ton of time in the mornings, they do require regular touch-ups. That means you’ll need to visit your hairdresser regularly. As for how long does a fade last? Well, that depends on the length of your cut.

Simply put, the shorter the style, the sooner you’ll need to visit your hairstylist for a touch-up. For super-short fades, plan to visit the salon every three weeks for maintenance. For longer tapered haircuts, you can get away with a touch-up every six weeks. Of course, everyone is different, and their hair grows at different lengths, so take this with a grain of salt. 

How To Care For A Tapered Haircut & Fades

You’re probably thinking, “tapered haircuts and fades are shorts, so they require less hair care, right?”

While you may have less hair, that doesn’t mean you can ditch the haircare altogether. Here are some tips for caring for tapered haircuts and fades.

  • Don’t over shampoo as it will seriously dry out your hair. Aim to wash your hair a couple of times a week. 
  • Condition your hair with a good conditioner to keep your hair hydrated. 
  • After conditioning, apply hair oil to your locks to keep them looking shiny and nourished. 
  • Don’t overdo the heat styling but if you are planning on using your hot tools, always use a heat protector.
  • To keep your hair looking lush, sleep on a silk pillowcase. Trust us – you’ll never wake up with bedhead again.

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