How Long Does Hair Dye Shampoo Last? + Creative Ways To Keep It Vibrant

If you want to experiment with a funky new color without committing, hair dye shampoo is a fabulous stress-free solution. But dyeing your hair is a big deal, and you’ve probably got a bunch of questions. How long does hair dye shampoo last? How do I keep my trendy new color vibrant and bright? Which dye do I choose?!

We’ve got answers. Keep reading for all things hair dye shampoo. 

Bottle of hair dye shampoo - How Long Does Hair Dye Shampoo Last?

What Is Hair Dye Shampoo?

Hair dye shampoo is a non-permanent way to experiment with a fun new look or to top up and refresh your existing color. Depending on the type of hair dye shampoo you use, it may fall into one of three categories. Temporary hair dye, a color depositing shampoo, or a semi-permanent hair dye. 

Temporary Hair Dye

A temporary hair dye is a wash-out hair color that lasts for a couple of shampoos. It is a great way to try on a new look for a special occasion. Ever wondered what you’d look like with red, green, or pink hair? Why not try it out? Temporary hair dye gives you the option to play with a bold look while preserving the health of your hair.

We recommend: Celeb Luxury Hair Color Shampoo

Rose gold, pastel baby blue, amber, and lavender are just some of the many unique and trendy color options Celeb Hair has to offer. Not only is it vegan and cruel free, but it’s also free of harsh chemicals and sulfates. No longer do you have to worry about sacrificing the health of your hair to change up your color. 

Color Depositing Shampoo

A color depositing shampoo is a way to refresh exciting color by depositing color pigments into your hair with every wash. It helps keep your dyed hair vibrant and fresh in-between visits to the salon. 

We recommend: MATRIX Total Results Color Depositing Purple Shampoo

The Matrix color depositing shampoo is a must-have for those with blonde or silver-toned hair! The shampoo works to neutralize brassy, yellow tones and bring your hair back to life.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about those with dark locks! The MATRIX Dark Envy Color-Depositing Shampoo works wonders enriching dark bases to make your color pop. Plus, it has delicious notes of citrus, jasmine, and cedar wood. 

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Semi-permanent hair dye lasts for around 4-6 weeks. The dye coats the surface of the hair instead of permanently changing the hair’s color. It’s the perfect opportunity to see if your new color will work for you and your lifestyle long term. Then, once you decide to go in all, you won’t have to worry about choosing a look you’ll regret.

We recommend: Hally Hair Color Cloud

From atomic blonde to purple avalanche, Hally Hair Color Cloud has got your dream hair color covered. Their hair dyes are infused with natural, nourishing extracts that are gentle on hair while still packaging a vibrant color punch! 

How Long Does Hair Dye Shampoo Last?

Depending on which hair dye shampoo you choose, your color could last anywhere from a couple of washes to 6 weeks. But if you want to keep your semi-permanent hair dye vibrant, keep reading for our tips and tricks to help you do just that.

6 Tips To Keep Your Hair Color Vibrant

You’ve just chosen your dream color, and you want to ensure it stays vibrant and fresh. We’ve got you. Here are 6 ways you can ensure your color doesn’t fade. 

1. Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

If you want to keep your color bright and pigmented, it’s best to keep the shampooing to a minimum. Instead, wash your hair a couple of times a week and use a dry shampoo to keep oil at bay. 

2. Skip The Hot Tools And Let Your Hair Air Dry

We all know using our beloved hot tools can cause damage to your tresses. This is especially true for those with colored hair. So skip the blow-dryer and wrap your hair up in a gentle microfiber towel to speed up the drying process. Trust us, your hair will be dry in no time. 

3. Deep Condition Your Tresses

To keep your color bright, you first have to make sure your hair is healthy and hydrated.

Girl with shiny hair showing why you should try the Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy

The Davines Minu Hair Mask is packed with color-protecting extracts that keep your locks looking vibrant for longer. Treat your tresses to this mask a couple of times a week, and your hair will seriously thank you for it. 

4. Use A Color Protecting Shampoo

Don’t reach for any old shampoo when you’re washing colored hair. Instead, opt for a shampoo that’s specially formulated for color-treated locks. The Nexxus Color Assure Sulfate-Free Shampoo has our vote for its ability to replenish nutrients and retain vibrancy. 

5. Protect Your Hair From UV Rays

Did you know that UV rays can wreak havoc on colored locks? Don’t stress, you can still soak up the sun with the protection from Sun Bum’s Sea Spray. This multitasking wonder adds texture, blocks humidity that causes frizz, and protects hair from the damaging effects of UV rays. This sea spray is a must-have for your beach bag. 

6. Use A Hair Cap When Swimming

If you’re going to be diving into the pool, it’s best to air on the side of caution by wearing a hair cap. 

Chlorine may cause a reaction between the chemicals in your hair dye and thus, ruin your color. No, thank you! Swimming caps don’t have to be boring, though. Shocker – they can even be cute

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