10 Effective Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy

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Nothing looks better than a healthy head of hair. Its super tempting to get a dye jobs and blowout at the salon. With as many products as they use you would think that great hair is bought or comes in a bottle. That isn’t the case at all! What are some ways to keep your hair healthy?

Like anything else, bringing your hair back to health is going to depend on several factors that are all in your control. There is an investment of time and money into keeping your hair up to salon-quality. It’s all good, though! Read on and learn everything you could need to keep your hair healthy.

Woman with beautiful long healthy hair, showing you how to keep your hair healthy

Ionic Blow Dryers and Straighteners Prevent Hair From Frying

Heat is one of the biggest opponents of healthy hair. When you use regular hair dryers, you are frying your hair. Ionic dryers have a negative ion charge inside that will heat the hair but not to the point that it damages it. Also, they can keep moisture inside hair which makes the cuticle a bit flatter.

Heating the hair makes it brittle and could lead to more problems like dry scalp or dandruff. Using ionic implements to dry and straighten hair could be seen as a protectant on par with dry shampoo and pre-heat hair treatments. Do your research before buying any hair products, as they could do more damage than good.

3 Great Ionic Blow Dryers

JINRYKarrong, and T3 – Cura Hair Dryer

Shampoo Ingredients Could be a Game Changer to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Not many people check out the ingredients of their shampoo before they buy it. Often they take the advice of friends and family who have used the product and just run with it. The product could have harmful ingredients inside, like heavy detergents, that scour the cuticle and leave the hair limp and damaged.

Reading the ingredients on the back of the shampoo bottle is much like reading the nutritional information on your food. If you know which chemicals to look for, you can get the correct shampoo for your hair. Ask your hairstylist or barber what shampoo would work best for your hair type. One of the first things they learn is how to recommend shampoos and conditioners.

Another important reason to check the ingredients on your shampoo is to prevent possible negative interactions with your skin. If you have acne prone skin, check out our blog on Hair Care Products That Cause Acne.

Woman looking at an acne spot on her face from hair products that cause acne

Washing Your Hair is a Great Defense Against Weak Hair

Most people don’t wash their hair enough. They read an article that says over washing will lead to bald spots. The next thing you know, they look like they brushed their hair with a pork chop. Set aside time each day, or at least every other day, for washing your hair.

You wouldn’t think so, but some people don’t know how to wash their hair. They start with the scalp and work their way down. They should begin in the middle and work down towards the ends of the hair. Then hit the scalp at the end. This protects against split ends and ensures that more extended parts are flowing and healthy.

Hair Treatments aren’t Always the Answer to your Problem.

Hair treatments infused with keratin or protein are very common. Salons and do-it-yourself boxes of treatments have flashy slogans and ‘facts’ meant to sell you a product. Nothing more.

There are products on the market, like leave-in conditioners, and revitalizing serums that are better for your hair than these quick infusion treatments. Having the shampoo or conditioner in your hair for more extended periods allows the chemicals to work their magic on your hair. Choose something that doesn’t have an excess of detergent and concentrates on your hair’s problem.

Get a Healthy Body if You Want Healthy Hair

Have you ever noticed, when you are going through stressful situations in your life, your body and hair suffer along with you. The undisputed heavyweight champ of having unhealthy anything goes back to how you treat your body. Get serious about your diet and exercise to improve the condition of your hair.

Eating clean and getting between 30 and 45 minutes of exercise three times a week is a great goal to shoot for. Choose foods that are high in protein since the hair is mostly protein. Fish and chicken should be in your diet as they are much leaner proteins than beef.

Woman with long hair holding cute blissy silk pillowcase to keep hair healthy and shiny
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Sleeping on Silk is a Great Way to Improve Hair Health

Cotton is hard on your hair. Using towels to dry and sleeping on cotton sheets creates friction in the hair that will damage it. Silk is much easier on the hair. Your hair glides across silk with little or no friction preventing split ends. Even better it won’t cause your hair to be all whacky when you wake up in the mornings. A bonus is that your hair won’t be frizzed or matted after lying down.

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Finding the Right Brush is Very Important for Your Hair

Hair is going to have knots that will damage it if you aren’t using the correct brush. Choose something with wider bristles when your hair is wet. Tangles ripped out are never a good thing, and having wider bristles cuts down on the force placed on the cuticles. Using something that has narrow bristles will create more problems than they fix.

Getting a Haircut is Great for Your Hair

Cutting dead weight isn’t just something you say when you go through a bad breakup or divorce. Cutting the dead weight from your hair makes it more robust and will improve its quality. Set a regular schedule for haircuts or trims to ensure that your hair doesn’t get overburdened and begin to suffer.

Your Hair Needs a Great Conditioner

One of the most important things for healthy hair is using a good conditioner. Depending on the extent of the damage in your hair, you could need something chocked full of good nutrients. For lighter damage you may just need something light, just to get the shine back in your hair. Work on brushing the conditioner into your hair, and always leave it on for the appropriate amount of time.

Here Are 4 Great Conditioners:

Hair FoodCoconut Milk, and Okay or SexyHair.

Add Zinc to Keep Your Hair Healthy (and your immune system)

Zinc is found in all kinds of fruits and vegetables that you eat every day. It is a great way to keep your hair from falling out faster than usual. The best way to get zinc is by consuming different types of nuts, like cashews and almonds. Mixed nuts are a great source of protein and zinc, both huge in the war for healthy hair.

Leafy veggies are another huge source of zinc. Greens in your salad and extra servings on your dinner plate will pile on the zinc. This piggybacks on the health section as in eating more nuts and vegetables is imperative to having a healthy body. Choose foods that work for your body, and the positive effects are sure to be seen in your hair’s appearance.

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Young woman eating healthy foods to keep her hair and body healthy


Working towards healthy hair is a long process that can begin to show results immediately. If you learn how to better manage your hair with shampoos and conditioners, you have half the fight against bad hair won. Pay attention to outside forces like friction and heat as they are some of the biggest damagers of hair.

Products are another constant opponent of healthy hair. Ensure that you read the labels of the products you are going to use and know how they will affect your hair. Using natural products is going to be your best bet! Work hard on keeping yourself healthy and your diet clean if you want the best results from your hair.