Help! Is Head Lice Shampoo Bad For Colored Hair?!

Whether you, a family member or a friend is currently dealing with head lice, we can all agree they are incredibly frustrating and unpleasant. And what makes the situation even worse is worrying that lice shampoo will ruin your hair color! So, is head lice shampoo bad for colored hair? Or can you safely get rid of these awful pests for good? Let’s find out! 

What Are Head Lice?

Head lice are annoying tiny insects that can be white, brown, or dark gray. They feed off the blood from your scalp and lay their eggs on your hair strands. (Unsettling, I know.)

While head lice are more common in children, anyone can get them. Lice spread by crawling onto your hair when you’re in close contact with someone who has them. It’s happened to the best of us one point or another, so if you’re currently battling head lice, know that you’re not alone! And more importantly, it’s not forever. 

Can You Get Head Lice If You Have Colored Hair?

There is a misconception that head lice don’t like colored hair, but unfortunately, that isn’t true. Head lice don’t care if your hair is colored or not. And they’re not fussed if your hair is blonde, brunette, or multi-colored. If they can attach themselves to your hair stand and make their way to your scalp to source their food supply, they are happy. 

Do Head Lice Prefer Clean Or Dirty Hair?

Another misconception is that head lice prefer dirty hair to clean tresses. Again, this isn’t the case. It turns out head lice actually favor washed stands as it makes it easier for the female to lay eggs throughout the hair.

Can You Dye Your Hair After Using A Head Lice Treatment?

Yes, you can safely dye your hair after you’ve used a lice remedy. Luckily, the active ingredients in the treatment don’t linger around in your hair, and most of them will be rinsed out after shampooing. Even if a few of these ingredients remain on your hair, the quantities will be so inconsiderable that they won’t affect your color.

Is Head Lice Shampoo Bad For Colored Hair?

So, you’ve dyed your hair and are now dealing with a lice infestation. Can you safely rid the lice from your hair without affecting your hair color?

If you apply any shampoo to your hair after you’ve just dyed it, your hair color will be affected. That includes lice shampoo or even your regular shampoo. That’s because washing your hair once it’s freshly died will extract the color, sometimes a lot of it from your hair. To protect your new hue, stay away from shampooing for a couple of days to give the color time to settle into your tresses. 

But that doesn’t mean head lice shampoo won’t affect your color after it’s had time to settle in. Some head lice shampoo contains harsh chemicals that can strip the hue from your hair. So if you have colored locks, make sure you look out for a head lice shampoo that is safe for colored-treated locks.

Head Lice Shampoo Safe For Colored Hair

We recommend the Lice Treatment Kit by Lice Clinics for those with color-treated tresses. It comes equipped with a mess-free applicator, a metal comb, and a lice remover gel.

You don’t have to stress about losing your color either, as the company has proudly stated that its treatment is safe for colored hair! And, the shampoo is also safe for those looking to dye their hair post-treatment. Phew. 

“Our liquid gel is harsh on head lice, yet doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, so it’s a safe & effective lice treatment for kids & adults… The included liquid gel kills lice AND super lice, and it’s more effective than traditional head lice shampoo treatments.”

Natural At-Home Remedies For Head Lice

Want to put a stop to head lice without the toxic chemicals? Try these natural at-home remedies for head lice instead!

Try A Lice Comb

Head lice combs can be extremely effective in getting rid of head lice. Apply a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to your hair to make combing easier. Then, section your hair and use the lice comb to remove lice with each pass-through.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils have proven to work wonders proving a natural solution to terminating head lice and stopping them from returning. 

The most popular essential oils for head lice treatment are tea tree oil and lavender oil. But don’t go applying these oils directly to your scalp! The essential oils must be mixed with a carrier oil like coconut, olive oil, or almond oil. 

Mix 10-15 drops of your preferred essential oil to half a cup of carrier oil. Apply your essential oil mix to your hair and leave it on for an hour. Then, comb the solution out of your hair in the shower with a fine-tooth lice comb. Follow with your shampoo and conditioner. 

Use Vinegar

A mixture of vinegar and warm water is hailed as an effective solution for killing pesky head lice. The acidic makeup on vinegar helps remove lice eggs from sticking to the hair shaft. As a result, the eggs fall off and rinse out when you wash your hair.

Mix equal parts white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to equal parts warm water. Apply the solution all over your scalp and hair. Cover with a shower cap and leave it on for 30 minutes. Then, shampoo and condition your hair as usual.

Wash All Your Clothes And Bedding!

To keep lice away for good, make sure you wash all your clothes and bedding in hot water. That includes pillowcases, sheets, hats, and anything else that you’ve been in close contact with, like combs or headbands. Washing everything you’ve been in close quarters with will prevent lice from coming back or spreading to your housemates.

Is Lice Shampoo Bad For Colored Hair – The Takeaway

Dealing with head lice sucks but remember, it’s only temporary. Before you know it, your hair will be back to its shiny, luscious self. But to help restore your hair to its former glory, we recommend treating it to a little TLC. After everything it’s been through, it definitely deserves it. 

Woman with shiny hair after following the healthy hair tips for beautiful hair.

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