Relationships Will Get Boring But Here’s What You Can Do To Reignite The Spark

The truth is, relationships will get boring. And that’s completely normal. After all, the honeymoon phase can’t last forever. But there are things you can do to reignite the spark in your relationship to bring back the heat and excitement you once had!

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Why Do Long-Term Relationships Lose Their Spark?

There’s nothing more exciting than when you first begin dating someone. There are so many unknowns and questions, like do they like me? Are they “the one?” When will I see them again? All this desire is exciting, nerve-wracking, and leaves you wanting more. After all, it’s the thrill of the chase that we all love. 

This excitement usually stays through the swoon-worthy honeymoon phase, which lasts ​​six months to two years. But then, as you get closer and more comfortable with your partner, that thrill starts to wear off.

And it makes sense why the spark dwindles. You and your partner are no longer trying to “woo” or “conquer” each other, so the effort that used to be put in diminishes.

We get accustomed to our routines and the stability of the relationship. And while being stable in your partnership is wonderful, it can cause us to get complacent.

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Relationships Will Get Boring But Here’s How to Change That

So, the reality is, relationships will get boring. And truthfully, you may not be able to maintain the exact same thrill you had when you were first dating. (That’s not a bad thing!) But there are certainly ways you can reignite the spark!

So how do you do it? The key is to bring back that same effort you used to put in when you were first seeing each other.

After all, why should we stop dating our significant others now that we’re in a long-term relationship? Just because we have stability and certainty, doesn’t mean we should cease all romantic gestures and fun in our partnership! 

12 Cute and Fun Date Night Ideas to Surprise Your Partner

Are your usual date nights dinner and a movie? While we all love a good flick and a meal, it can get old and thus, boring. And I get it, deciding what to do for date night can be tough! 

From here on out, you can ditch dinner and a movie and use this date night list to reignite the spark in your relationship. Thank us later. 

Solve a murder mystery

This one is a goodie for those who love true crime! Order some pizza and channel your inner detective to solve this murder mystery case file with your partner. You’ll work together to solve the clues igniting closeness and teamwork all while having fun, of course.

Go to a comedy show

After all, what’s better than laughing and laughing with your partner? Pre-show drinks are absolutely recommended.

Do a Q&A

Use this Love Lingual card game to explore and deepen your connection with your partner. You each take a turn picking a card and answering the question on it. With questions about intimacy, your couple, friends, and family, it will definitely help in rediscovering your significant other. 

Make each other’s favorite meal

Take turns making each other’s favorite meal! Or, one of you makes dinner, and the other makes dessert. Who needs a fancy restaurant for a date night?

Go to karaoke!

If one of you is a little shy, or you don’t have a karaoke bar in your area, opt for at-home karaoke instead. With this karaoke microphone, there’s no excuse not to sing your heart out. 

Thrift store challenge

Head to the thrift store with a budget of $20 each, and buy each other a date night outfit! Then, you both have to wear the get-up on your next date. 

Take a class together

Pottery class, painting class, self-defense class, cooking class, the options are endless! 

Get creative

Maybe you want some practice before heading to your wine and paint class. Turn on Bob Ross, gather your paint supplies, and unleash your inner artists.

Do something your partner loves

You know that thing your partner always wants to do, that you’re not so into? Surprise them by (enthusiastically) doing what they love! It’s sure to be a hit. 

Take a vacation

It doesn’t have to be a luxurious trip to Paris for it to be special. It can be as simple as going camping, stargazing, and toasting marshmallows. 

Go on a road trip

Make your designated road trip playlist, and gather up the snacks and coffee! For even more spontaneous fun, grab a map of your town, close your eyes and point to a spot on the map. Now you’ve found your road trip destination!

Make cocktails together

You’re guaranteed a fun time with this cocktail set. Take turns making each other’s fave cocktail (recipes included!) 

Relationships Will Get Boring But That’s Not Always a Bad Thing

While it’s easy to point out all the negatives of long-term relationships that may get boring, there can be plus sides to this. (Hear me out!)

You’re not worrying whether you and your crush are on the same page. You’re not questioning if this person likes you back or if they’re seeing other people. Or wondering if they even want to be in a committed relationship. Questions that all come along with dating. 

Yes, dating is undoubtedly fun. But being in a loving, long-term relationship (that may get boring now and then) can provide stability, trust, friendship, and support.

Here’s the takeaway. Yes, long-term relationships may not have the exact same electricity and desire you had when you first started dating. But if you’re in a loving, supportive relationship, it is worth the effort and dedication it takes to bring back some of that spark. 

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