How To Practice Self-Love and Self-Care in a Social Media World

Practicing self-love and self-care in a social media world is a challenge a lot of us are yet to achieve. While social media comes with outfit inspiration, funny viral videos, and food pics, it also comes with FOMO, comparison, and self-judgment. Has social media made you feel like you need to run to the store to buy new clothes or take an Insta-worthy holiday? Or has it made you feel like you aren’t good enough the way you are? Practicing self-care in a social media world helps us put down our phones and not get caught up in comparing ourselves to others.

Girls taking a selfie while practicing shelf care in body negative a social media world.

How Do You Practice Self-Love and Self-Care in a Social Media World?

1: Unfollow

If an account isn’t bringing you joy, inspiring you, or lifting you up, it might be time to hit that unfollow button. Ask yourself: Why am I following them? Do their photos spark happiness for me? Add value to my day? Do I only follow them because they follow me? Unfollow and delete accounts that don’t add value to your life. And don’t feel bad for unfollowing them if it happens to be a friend. It’s okay to not gel with everyone’s content! Think of unfollowing like a spring cleaning for your feed. You’ll be delighted at how refreshing it feels to cleanse and declutter your socials.

2: Detox

Have you noticed when you’re forced to stay off social media for a while, you feel happier and more at peace? I don’t think that’s a coincidence. There’s no doubt social media can be delightful and plain-old fun. But if you feel like your living your virtual life more than your real one, it may be time for a break. If a 30-day detox sends alarm bells ringing in your head, why not try a 1-day detox and see how you feel? Delete all social media apps from your phone. I know it sounds daunting, but they’ll be there for you to download again when you’re ready. And hey, perhaps after your detox, you won’t feel compelled to use them? 

3: Limit Your Social Media Time

If you aren’t ready for a full-on social media detox, why not limit your time on your socials? Give yourself a designated “social media hour” each day and go to town checking all your apps. If you feel satisfied that you’re up to date on everyone’s posts, you won’t have the urge to check your phone throughout the day. And just know, you’ll always have your next session to catch up on the gossip you might have missed. Think of all the time you’ll save by not scrolling and all the IRL fun things you could do instead! Who knows, after a few days of limiting your online time, you might be ready for a detox? Plus, less social media time means more time for self-love and self-care!

4: Connect With Friends IRL

Although you may be exchanging GIFs and chatting with your friends online, it’s not the same as connecting in person. While social media allows us to meet like-minded people and make new friends, it can be a little lonely. When your social interactions are through a screen you miss out on creating life-long memories and enjoying unforgettable experiences. Real-life connections should be your priority, so don’t be afraid to call your pal if you’re in need of a little love. That’s what real friends are for! The more time you spend with your friends, the less you’ll search for “likes” and online validation. 

5: Journal

If you’re feeling off and you can’t figure out why, writing out your thoughts, even if they make no sense at all, helps. Journaling allows you to get all your feels out there, so you don’t bottle anything in. If you’re not sure where to start, try to write out how you’re feeling at that moment. Don’t worry, you don’t ever have to read it again! If that doesn’t resonate with you, try writing about something you’re grateful for, and you might notice your spirits lift! Break open that journal hiding under your bed, or buy a cute new one and let the self-care take center stage. 

6: Meditate

Mindful meditation can be difficult at the best of times, but it is totally worth it. Meditation is the ultimate act of self-love and has tons of benefits aside from putting your phone down for a few minutes. Meditation allows you to gain a new perspective and reduce stress and anxiety. It also allows you to practice mindfulness and live in the moment. So if you get caught up in other people’s wedding IG posts and start immediately planning your own (sans boyfriend), meditation may be helpful!

Accepting yourself unconditionally is the ultimate act of self-love. It’s not easy, but we can help. Check out our article here.

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7: Do What Makes you Feel Good!

Self-care in a social media world isn’t always easy, but there are things you can do to show yourself some love. The more you engage in real-life activities that make you feel your absolute best, the better and more special your life will feel. Whether that’s cooking, dancing, singing, or shopping, get out there and do what you love! The next time you’re out doing your thing, why not leave your phone at home? It will allow you to be truly present and appreciate what you have rather than looking out for photo opportunities. 

Self-care is asking yourself what you need and allowing yourself to follow through. It is something we all need and it can be as simple as unfollowing accounts that don’t serve you. Remember, social media is a highlight reel. We see the best moments of people’s lives, not the ordinary and boring day-to-day moments we all have. Let’s be honest though, does anyone actually have it all together? I don’t think so! 

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