8 Positive Ways Self-Love Will Change Your Life

Want to change your life? Practicing self-love will help you do just that! Self-love can feel like magic. But that doesn’t mean it’s an overnight thing. It is a practice that takes serious work. But if you want to improve all areas of your life, self-love may be the best investment you’ll ever make. Keep reading for 8 positive ways self-love will change your life.

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What is Self-love?

Before we dive into how self-love will change your life, let’s talk about what self-love actually means. Self-love means treating yourself with compassion, kindness, and forgiving yourself for your mistakes. It means your happiness and wellbeing comes first.

Self-love means not settling for any less than you deserve and setting boundaries for how you want to be treated. It means accepting all parts of yourself and choosing to love yourself for exactly who you are. 

Accepting yourself can be one of the hardest parts of practicing self-love. Check out our article here for a little inspiration to finally accept yourself for who you are.

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How Self-Love Will Change Your Life

The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the relationship you have with yourself. It sounds corny, but it’s true. So let’s dive into the incredible ways self-love will change your life!

1. Romantic Relationships

Have you ever heard the phrase “we accept the love we think we deserve?” When you love yourself, you surround yourself with people who treat you with due respect.

You’ll also find you have less time for those who don’t treat you with love and care. You’ll no longer feel the need to stay in relationships out of insecurities or fear of not finding another partner.

You know your worth and know that you deserve someone in your life who values you!

2. Take Better Care of Your Health

When you practice self-love, you will get rid of any bad habits that no longer serve you. Late-night junk food binges? Pushing yourself too hard at the gym? Not moving your body enough?

When you love yourself, you take the time to nourish your body through eating healthy, exercise, and rest. And the same goes for your mental health.

Self-love gives you the motivation to incorporate self-care into your daily routine. That can be done through journaling (100% recommended!), meditation, or positive affirmations.

3. Friends and Family

You need to be your own best friend before you can be a friend to others. When you love yourself, you take the time to nurture your relationship with yourself first. Only then can you be a good friend or family member to your loved ones. You will want to make those around you feel their best, and that can be done through supporting them, and hyping them up!

With self-love, you’re able to have disagreements and open discussions that don’t put the relationship at risk. You don’t feel the need to compete with your friends or family members and want nothing but the best for them. 

4. Increased Drive Towards Your Goals

Say hello to increased drive and motivation to achieve your goals! With self-love comes the true belief in yourself. You believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

That can open the doors for new opportunities and even a completely new life! Have you always wanted to run a marathon? Backpack through Europe? Change Careers?

Self-love gives you the confidence to do exactly that. It gives you the unwavering belief in yourself to achieve your goals. After all, you would be doing a disservice to yourself if you didn’t at least try!

5. Freedom from Comparison

Loving yourself frees you from caring about what others think of you. Thank goodness, right?! No more worrying about the looks from strangers in the street if you rock a kooky outfit. No more caring about the opinions of others about how you choose to live your life.

This may be one of the most freeing and liberating ways self-love will change your life. The less time you give to worrying about what others think of you, the more time you have to focus on yourself.

6. You Set Healthy Boundaries

When you love yourself, you are setting a standard for how you want to be treated. You will no longer put up with disrespect or being treated any less than you deserve.

You will feel confident to set boundaries in your relationship, your friendships, and even in a professional setting.

That can mean saying no to things that don’t serve you or things you don’t feel comfortable with. Or letting your boss know that you won’t work on the weekends or stay late at the office. You got this!

7. Forgiveness

One of the most powerful effects of self-love is the ability to forgive yourself for your flaws and your past mistakes. Maybe you’re holding on to a fault you made in the past. Or feel anger towards yourself for saying something you deeply regret.

When you love yourself, you extend the same level of forgiveness and compassion you readily give to others. It will take time, but letting yourself make mistakes and be human is the ultimate act of self-love.

8. Happiness

When you love someone unconditionally, you want them to be happy, right? The same goes for loving ourselves. When you love yourself, your happiness comes first. You will do what you desire and live the life you want, even if that means facing criticism from your family, friends, or society.

Self-love gives you the courage to step into your dream life without influence from others. You are free to be your best, fabulous self!

When you start making decisions just for you, you’ll notice your life-changing right in front of your eyes! Remember, self-love isn’t an instant thing. But it is completely worth the ride.

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