10 Positive Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

You and your beau adore spending every moment together. Weekends are spent trying new restaurants, bike riding through the city, and curling up for movie marathons. But does that automatically mean you have a healthy relationship? Sure, it’s great you have similar interests but there is more to consider other than just enjoying activities together. So what does a healthy relationship look like exactly? Let’s take a look at 10 signs you and your partner are in a healthy relationship

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10 Surefire Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

You Trust Each Other Completely

When you’re in a healthy relationship, trust is your foundation. Trust is the confidence that your partner will always remain loyal to you and be honest with you. You know that you can rely on them and are comfortable confiding in them. You don’t feel anxious if your S/O spends a night out with his friends. It doesn’t tempt you to snoop through his social media or look at his texts when he leaves the room. When your relationship is built on trust, you can overcome obstacles together and feel safe, and secure with your partner. 

You Have Your Own Space

While it’s fun and tempting to always do things together, it’s important to prioritize your alone time. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the wonderful parts of life together, it just means making time now and then for yourself. For your sake, and your partner’s too. Take this opportunity to do things your partner doesn’t share your interest in, such as shopping trip, or afternoon at the spa! By having some me-time, it allows you focus on self-care, weather that be journaling, meditation, or going for a long walk on the beach. Making time for you also allows you to connect with your wants, goals, and values, separate from your partner. 

You Have Open Communication

There’s no doubt that communication is vital to any healthy relationship. But as close as we feel to our partner, everyone has off days. Some days we communicate, and others, not so much. Sometimes we say the wrong thing, or wish we took the time to express more. It’s totally fine not to be perfect, as long as your both striving to have open communication in your relationship. When we talk with our S/O, it leaves fewer things left unsaid, and it helps us to not bottle up our emotions. Communicating your feelings with your S/O also opens the door for them to support you, and be a shoulder to lean on. Your partner may have insights, or advice to offer you that wouldn’t have otherwise received had you not opened up!

You Treat Each Other With Kindness

There’s no stronger sign your’e in a healthy relationship than treating each other with kindness. After all, it wouldn’t feel very good to be in a relationship with someone who didn’t treat you with compassion, or consideration. Kindness can be shown in ways other than gifts, or back rubs. It is the small acts of kindness shown in the everyday that makes a relationship fulfilling. Truly listening, being a source of comfort and appreciating what they bring to the relationship are small ways you can practice kindness. While it can be difficult to practice kindness during an argument, it’s important to show compassion and not say things you might regret later!

You Let Things Go

Even though you’re on cloud nine with your partner the majority of the time, you might still get frustrated at some things they do. Do they eat really loudly, or take forever deciding what to eat for dinner? Even though they may do things that irk you, if you want to be in a healthy relationship, you have to let things slide. This goes for arguments and disagreements too. Being able to let things go will help you not hold on to unnecessary resentment and get back to being all loved up! 

You are on the Same Team

When you’re in a healthy relationship and hardships come your way, you know that you are fighting the same battle, on the same team. That means not getting hung up on who was right or wrong when a problem or conflict arises. When you’re on the same team, you no longer think about your sole interest when making decisions. You consider how they will affect your partner. That doesn’t mean you can pursue your own interests, it just means you won’t do things that will hurt, or upset your partner. 

You Make Time for Friendships

While it’s adorable that your boyfriend/girlfriend is your new best friend, you can’t get everything you need from one person. For that reason, it’s important to make time to nourish your friendships when you’re in a relationship. Your friends bring out different parts of you, and understand you in a way that your partner may not be able to. Making time to nourish all the relationships with the people in your life will allow you to maintain your independence and feel balanced. 

You Respect Each Other

Respect means love your partner for who they are as a person and welcome their beliefs and opinions in discussion. You don’t try to change them, control them or convince them to do things your way. And you even turn a blind eye when they wear that shirt you hate! Boundaries are able to be set and be respected from both parties. You feel confident that your partner will cheer you on and raise you up when you speak up about what’s important to you!

You Support Each Other’s Passions and Goals

It’s important and healthy for you both to have space to pursue your individual passions and goals outside your couple. This should come with complete support from you, or your beau. Making an effort to work towards your goals helps you maintain a sense of individuality, learn new things and expand your world. Plus, when you pursue your passions, you’ll bring that same passion into your relationship! 

You Both Continue to Work on the Relationship

A healthy relationship should feel balanced, with both parties continuing to put in work to make the relationship flourish. It’s easy to get comfortable if you’ve been together for a while. It’s normal for there to be fewer date nights, romantic gestures, or physical intimacy. But when you are committed to working on the relationship, you both make an effort to keep the spark alive! After all, a relationship should be full of love, laughter and make you happy. So remember to let loose, try new things as a couple, and have fun!

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