6 Creative Ways you can Make Your Small Apartment Look Luxurious

Just because you have a small space, doesn’t mean you can’t make it look luxe. Whether you live in a studio apartment, 1-bed, or loft, you can still make your apartment feel luxurious with a few strategic design tips. Keep reading for 6 ways you can make your small apartment look luxurious and be the envy of all your neighbors.

Photo of a room showing how to make a small apartment look luxurious.

How to Make Your Small Apartment Look Luxurious

In the perfect world, we’d have the best interior stylists at our disposal to transform our apartments into something straight out of Architectural Digest. Unfortunately, our wallets don’t always allow for such transformations. But, there are surprisingly simple things you can do to makeover your digs without breaking the bank.

Hang a Large Scale Art Piece

A large piece of art can instantly transform your space to give it a cool, luxurious feel. We all know art can be very expensive, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Instead of buying a landscape from a department store, try opting for something more unique. Check out your local thrift store for pieces that tell a story. Or why not get creative and make your own art piece? All you need is a large canvas and some paint, and you can channel your inner Picasso to create a masterpiece. Not confident in your artistic capabilities? Invite your friends around to create an art piece together! That way, the art will tell a story and bring life to your space. There really isn’t a right or wrong way to create a piece of art. So get creative in preparing a welcome addition to your bare walls.

Use Flower Power

Fresh flowers can brighten up your space and allude to that expensive, luxurious feel. Do you have any flowers in your garden you can craft into a pretty bouquet? Or can you pick up a $10 bunch from your local farmers’ market or supermarket? I get that constantly having to replenish fresh flowers will hurt your wallet. So if that’s not an option, why not opt for some realistic fake ones? Add them to a stylish vase and never worry about re-filling the water again. Your friends will be busy swooning over your chic apartment to even notice your faux bouquet! (Don’t worry about missing out on the fresh flower smell, we’ll get to that later!)

Style all Your Surfaces

Do you have a bare, sad-looking coffee table in your living room? Or an empty bookshelf or lackluster nightstand? If so, it’s time to bring them to life with a little styling. It’s surprising how much you can elevate your space by taking the time to decorate your surfaces. It’s also the perfect opportunity to show off your tastes and interests to your guests. Visitors usually gather in your living room, so take some time to think about what you’d like to display. You could style your coffee table with your favorite coffee table book, or a faux succulent. To style your nightstand, place a chic alarm clock and a framed picture of your choosing. Once you’ve added all your books to your bookshelf, intersperse these metallic vases to add a wow factor!

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Roll out a Large Rug

Nothing says luxury like a large rug. Even if you have a small space, adding a rug can really brighten up a room and bring your furniture together. If your apartment has carpeting, adding a rug on top completely transforms the room, plus it hides those red wine stains! Your rug doesn’t have to be a silk, Persian rug for it to look luxurious. You can purchase an affordable but chic rug for under a hundred dollars. If you want your space to look on trend, as well as luxurious, considering layering your rugs. All you do is layer a smaller rug on top of a larger rug. Try playing around with different colors, textures and patterns to find a combo that compliments your decor. 

Use Mirror Decor

There are so many reasons why you should use a mirror as a stylish piece of decor in your apartment. Not only do they brighten up your space and make it appear bigger, but they also make your small apartment look more luxurious! When hanging your mirror, make sure you place it across from something you want to reflect. If you have an old couch that needs replacing, maybe don’t hang the mirror opposite it. If possible, hang your mirror opposite a window to allow more natural light into the room. You’ll be spoiled for choice shopping for a rustic, vintage mirror at an antique store. Or if you’re after a more classic look, opt for a simple but stylish hanging mirror to elevate the room.

Create an Aromatic Scent

A luxurious apartment is about so much more than just chic decor. In fact, the scent is usually the first thing you notice when you enter someone’s home. How welcoming is it to visit a friend’s house after they’ve just baked cookies? Having a pleasant smelling apartment will add to the luxurious feel we’re going for. And you don’t have to whip up cookies every time someone comes over either! Using a diffuser with your preferred essential oil or lighting a few candles will carry delicious scents throughout your apartment. But don’t forget to open the windows and doors now and then to let the fresh air cleanse your space! 

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