Creative Inspiration: Placing Sofas and TVs in Small Lounges

So you’ve just gotten the keys to your new digs, and you’re struggling to see the vision of how you’ll arrange your lounge furniture? Or maybe your current living space arrangement isn’t living up to your expectations. If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to bring you some creative inspiration for placing sofas and TVs in small lounges to bring your decor dreams to life.

Photo showing an example of successfully Placing Sofas and TVs in Small Lounges.

A Creative Guide to Placing Sofas and TVs in Small Lounges

Sometimes when you walk into a living room, you just know where each piece of your furniture should live. It’s so immaculately designed that you don’t have to question it! You can simply start unloading your decor and setting them into their forever homes. 

In other living rooms, especially small ones, this isn’t the case. They might leave you questioning how you’ll ever make this space work. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible! There are a few strategic design tips you can utilize to make sure your two furniture essentials – sofa and TV – are placed correctly. Let’s dive in. 

Tips for Placing Sofas in Small Lounges

Create a Conversation Space

Your sofa is your largest piece of living room decor, making it the most important piece to arrange correctly in your space. You might think that pushing your sofa against a wall will make your small lounge appear bigger. But surprisingly, that’s not true! 

By giving your sofa some breathing room and pulling it closer to the rest of your furniture, you’re creating a “conversation space.” This allows you to have a dedicated area in your home for chats and connections with your crew. 

Think About Balance

When arranging your sofa, it’s important to factor in the balance of the room. Since your sofa takes up a lot of visual space, the room will appear balanced and put together if something placed opposite it. This can be your TV, a coffee table, bookshelf, or if you’re lucky, your fireplace and mantle.

Even if your furniture items aren’t the same size, you can still achieve balance in the room. Placing two items on either side of the room, such as two chairs or ottomans, will create symmetry and balance in your space. 

Scale Down Your Sofa

If your living room is struggling to fit your five-seater sectional sofa, it might be time to scale down your furniture choices! In small lounges, you don’t want sofas with heavy, bulky arms. A sofa with clean lines and thin arms is the way to go, making your space feel more open.

Additionally, a sofa that’s elevated off the ground, even if it’s just a few inches is the best choice for small lounges. It allows air to flow through the room making it feel less cramped. It’s a minor detail, but it makes a huge difference to the flow of your space! 

Tips for Placing TVS in Small Lounges

Use Your TV to Divide Your Room

If you’re in a small space, it can be a struggle to envision where your TV should be placed. And your TV may even seem like a huge burden! But, your TV can actually be pretty handy and can provide much more than just Netflix binges.

You can use your TV as a room divider to create two livable spaces. If you’re in a studio, this could divide your bedroom and your lounge. Or if you have an open-plan living area, this could separate the kitchen and your living room. It is more effective if your TV is on the bigger side. But if not, you could always opt for a large TV stand to act as your divider. 

Wall Mount Your TV

Have you tried to arrange your TV in every corner of your living room, and it just doesn’t work? You’ll be pleased to know there is one solution to still be able to watch your favorite reality shows from the couch. Enter the lifesaving TV wall mount!

By wall mounting your TV, you gain extra floor space that’s much needed in a studio or small apartment. It also helps you hide those unsightly TV wires and cables. If you want to level up your decor, use your TV as a center point for a gallery wall! Hang up some wall art, photos, or posters around your TV to add a stylish element to your space. 

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Photo showing you how you can Make Your Small Apartment Look Luxurious.

Use Your TV as The Focal Point

As we mentioned earlier, your sofa should be facing opposite another piece of furniture of the same proportion to create balance. But, you can also make your TV the focal point of the room in which your other items of furniture face.

I know it’s a little dull having a black screen as the focal point of the room rather than a vibrant piece of art. But when you’re in a small living room, you don’t always have much of a choice! But what you can do is hang a pull-down map above your TV to disguise it when it’s not in use. It’s a genius way to get the best of both worlds! 

Placing Sofas and TVs in Small Lounges

These tips can be a helpful guide for placing sofas and TV in small lounges. But they don’t have to be strictly followed for you to have an enjoyable space! Your perfect living room layout is the one that works best for you. Maybe you choose to ditch the couch all together and opt for two chic chairs instead?

Or perhaps you prefer to go sans TV and save your living room for a social space to relax with your guests. Challenge yourself to get creative and experiment with different seating positions and interior styles to see what you can produce!

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