10 Fun and Genius Storage Hacks For a Small Bedroom

While having a small bedroom may get frustrating, and even messy at times, there are plus sides to having a petite space. Firstly, having a small bedroom means less cleaning (yay!) Plus, it gives you an opportunity to get creative with finding genius ways to store your items. Can’t quite figure out how to make your tiny space work for you? Keep reading for 10 fun storage hacks for a small bedroom.

Folded clothes in a basket showing storage hacks for a small bedroom.

10 Genius Storage Hacks for a Small Bedroom you Must Try

Maximize under-bed storage

Put your bed to work and maximize the storage you have at the tip of your fingers. I know it’s tempting to shove all your unwanted clothes and shoes under your bed and let them sit there collecting dust. But there are genius ways to neatly store your items under your bed, completely out of sight. This under-bed storage (with wheels!) allows you to pack away the clothes and shoes you don’t wear often. But whenever you need them, just roll them on out.

Bedroom wall hooks

Do your jacket, keys, and purse end up on your bed when you walk through the door? Or even worse, on the floor? If you answered yes to these questions, utilizing bedroom wall hooks will be a lifesaver for your organization. Not only can you hang your jacket and purse, but you can also display your favorite necklace, hat, or scarf. 

Storage Cubes

Storage cubes are the holy grail of storage, organization, and shelving combined into one. They are an absolute must-do storage hack for a small bedroom. Make the most of your storage cubes by storing your books, or office supplies, and put your favorite plant, or ornament on display. 

Floating shelves

If your bedroom is so small that you literally don’t have any space for storage, consider building up instead of out. Not only are these floating shelves super stylish, but they are also very practical. You won’t knock into them getting out of bed, and they will suit even the smallest of rooms. Show off your artwork, create a candle display or use them to store your cosmetics. The options are endless. 

Hanging Clothes Rack

Are you stuck with a bedroom without a closet? Are your clothes currently without a home? You might have thought you’d have to store your clothes in a suitcase forever. But thankfully, you can utilize a clothes rack to store and display your favorite pieces! Hang your dresses, coats, and shirts on the clothing rack. Fold T-shirts and pants and place them on the bottom shelf (in an optional but very handy storage bin.)

Closet door storage

If you do have a closet, make the most of it and utilize the vertical space by hanging a pocket organizer on the door. Use it to store any clothing items that don’t need to be hung, like T-shirts or jumpers. Or, you could even use it as storage for shoes! By hanging it on the inside of your closet, you can keep it out of your bedroom meaning more room for other storage hacks!

Organize your dresser.

Does your dresser look like a war zone most of the time? Me too. It makes finding what you’re looking for an extremely hard task which results in most of your clothes ending up on the floor. That’s where this genius dresser organizer comes in! Gone are the days of wrinkled T-shirts and messy draws. Now, you can neatly fold and organize clothes into convenient categories. So the next time you’re looking for a particular pair of shorts, you can simply pull out the shorts draw.

Cosmetics storage

Another thing that tends to get very messy and unorganized super quickly? Your makeup and skincare bag. I’m sure you can relate to having a makeup bag or a skincare draw that is constantly unorganized and covered in makeup. And if you have a small bedroom, the last thing you need is another messy area of your room. That’s why this makeup/skincare organizer is an absolute must-have for small spaces! Your beauty routine will thank you later. 

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Wicker basket secret storage

This storage hack for a small bedroom is a two-for-one deal. Not only do you get a chic decor item, but you also get a storage hack in disguise! A stylish wicker basket can be used as a laundry basket, clothes storage, or as a place for extra blankets. The options are endless with this one, even if you don’t use it as storage, it adds an on-trend item to your bedroom decor. 

Turn your nightstand into storage

Nightstands are already quite useful. They allow us to store our alarm clocks, bedside lamp, and our books. But, are you actually making the most of the storage opportunity here? Opt for a nightstand with storage draws and multiple shelving. Not only can you display your magazines and picture frames, but you can also store your belongings in the draws. Think phone charger, notebook, and hand cream. 

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