Can You Straighten Hair With Cold Air? (Easy Tips For You To Try)

Achieving silky straight hair typically involves cranking your flat iron up to the highest, most damaging setting. And while your locks will look gorgeous, consistent heat styling can do some serious damage to your mane. The solution? Straighten your hair naturally, without heat! We’re discussing, can you straighten hair with cold air? As well as sharing our heat-free styling tips and tricks to help you get straight and healthy tresses!

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Wait… What’s So Bad About Straightening My Hair With A Flat Iron?

It’s hard to face, but the fact is, straightening your hair causes damage. And when you use your hot tools too frequently, it can leave your stands looking dull, lifeless, and dry. 

When you straighten your hair, it causes moisture to evaporate from your strands. Have you ever noticed smoke rising from your straightener? Well, that “smoke” is actually steam from your hair’s moisture evaporating. Straightening strips your locks of their natural oils, making them brittle, dehydrated, and more prone to breakage, split ends, and frizz. Not so hot, right?

Yes, hot tools can be transformational, and there’s no denying what they can do for your hair. But if you want to keep your hair healthy, it’s best to ditch the heat as much as possible.

Can You Straighten Hair With Cold Air?

If you want a healthier solution to your classic blowout, you might be wondering, can you straighten hair with cold air? We have some good news. Straightening your hair with your blow-dryer doesn’t require hot air! It is entirely possible to get smooth, straight locks using the (often rejected) cool air setting. Let us explain. 

How To Straighten Your Hair With Cold Air

  • After your shower, apply your hair oil to wet hair to smooth any flyaways and lock in moisture.
  • Then, let your hair air-dry till it’s slightly damp. 
  • Spritz on your heat protector. (Even though you’re using cold air, you still want to protect your locks to keep them silky smooth.) 
  • Divide your hair into sections using hair clips.
  • Switch your blow-dryer onto the “cool air” setting. 
  • Get your round ceramic brush and brush from roots to ends, using your blow-dryer to follow the path of your brush.
  • Repeat each section of your hair until you’ve got straight, smooth tresses.

This method may take a little longer than your classic blowout. But your hair will be much healthier and happier with this cold air alternative. 

Keep reading for more heat-free tips to get straight, smooth locks. 

How To Straighten Your Hair Without Heat

Who knows, maybe these heat-free styling tips will inspire you to ditch the hot tools for good?

Try A Hair Wrap

Hair wraps are a wonderful way to get frizz-free, straight hair without heat. This method has been around for centuries and is still used all around the world to this day! 

The method involves sectioning your hair, wrapping it around your head, and securing it with a long bobby pin. You wear your hair wrapped to bed and wake up with smooth, straight locks without having to lift a finger. 
It is relatively simple, but we suggest watching a YouTube tutorial to help you get the hang of this heat-free styling technique. 

Use Straightening Products

Experimenting with products that work to straighten and relax your hair is a great way to achieve straight (or straighter) locks without heat. While they may not straighten hair that’s naturally curly, they will work to calm and smooth your hair, making it easier to handle. 

We recommend starting in the shower with a straightening shampoo and conditioner. If you want your hair to be frizz-free and straight, don’t use hot water on your hair! Hot water strips the hair of its natural oils causing it to look frizzy, dry, and brittle. So always rinse with lukewarm water.

While your hair is wet, work in a smoothing serum to lock in moisture, detangle and relax your hair. Want to provide your tresses with some extra TLC? Use the Moroccanoil Smoothing Hair Mask once a week for a boost of hydration and nourishment from the argan butter and argan oil.

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Brush Your Hair In A Downward Motion

If you’ve got the time (and the patience), this is an easy way to achieve straight locks without the heat. After you’ve applied your styling products to wet hair, brush your hair from roots to ends while gently pulling it tight to straighten. Continue brushing your hair while gently pulling it straight until it’s dry. Then finish with a styling spray to hold your straight locks in place.

It may be time-consuming, but at least with this method, you can relax on the couch and binge your favorite Netflix show. Bonus. 

Use Jumbo Rollers

When you think of old-school hair rollers, you probably picture big, bouncy curls. But shocker, jumbo rollers can produce blow-out style straight locks! The trick to straightening your hair with rollers is to use the biggest rollers on the market. 

These Jumbo Rollers by Conair are soft enough to sleep on and don’t require any bobby pins to secure your hair into place. Not only will they smooth and straighten your hair, but they’ll also add some serious volume giving you a salon-quality do. And the best part is, all the hard work is done while you sleep. 

Can You Straighten Hair With Cold Air?

Now we know that is it absolutely possible and even easy to straighten your hair without heat. That means it’s time to say BRB to your hot tools and hello to the cool air setting! 

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