What Are Journaling Cards? An Inspirational Guide to Journaling

What are journaling cards, and how do you use them? You’ve come to the right place! We’re going to walk you through how to use your journaling cards to take your journaling practice or scrapbook project to the next level. Let’s dive in!

What are journaling cards? A person with a coffee, writing in their journal.

What Are Journaling Cards?

Journaling cards are a cute, fun, and creative way to add a chunk of text to your journal, scrapbook, or even your photo albums.

They allow you to add a structured spot of journaling to any page without interfering with photos, existing writing, or the design.

What Are Journaling Cards Used For?

Here are some of the (many) different uses for your journal cards. Some might even surprise you!

Photo Albums. Journaling cards allow you to write about the special memories you have associated with each photo. That way, you can share your experiences and give context to the next person who flicks through your albums.

Planner. Journaling cards insert a fun visual element into an otherwise boring planner! Add some spice to a plain white page with a funky journal card and use it for your day’s schedule or shopping list. You might also choose to hole-punch a journal card and place it at the beginning of your planner for a cute (but handy) glossary.

Scrapbooking. Use your journaling cards to make comments about the pictures or art in your scrapbook. Maybe you’re creating a vision board. So you write down your goals on a journal card to inspire and motivate you to achieve your dreams.

Journaling. Journal cards allow you to go back to old entries and input your new perspective. Perhaps in one of your old entries, you were in a bad headspace that you’ve now worked through. Attaching a journal card with your new insight helps remind you that whatever you’re dealing with will eventually pass.

Studying. Your journal cards can double as a bookmark and a way to take study notes. Revise the text on your journal card, then use it to keep your place in your textbook. That way, you can easily come back to your notes whenever you need them without having to read the page over. Hello, good grades!

Shopping for Journaling Cards

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging without providing our fav journaling card recommendations.

We love this popular core kit for providing a fun, colorful addition to your journal. With over 500 3 × 4 inch journaling cards, this kit will see you through many scrapbooks and journaling projects.

For a simple, minimalistic design, these journal cards are our first choice. Made from beautiful heavy card stock, they are a timeless and elegant addition to your journal.

If you’re after a creative project, you can also DIY your own journal cards! Use etsy.com as inspo, and have fun crafting your very own journaling cards.

What is Journaling?

So you’re up to speed on journal cards and how to use them. But what about journaling – the practice that goes hand in hand with journal cards? 

Journaling is the practice of writing down your thoughts and feelings to process your emotions. You might choose to write about your experiences, unprocessed feelings, or simply about your day.

There aren’t any rules, so feel free to write about whatever you want to address. 

A girl deciding how to start a powerful practice of journaling for self love.

What Are The Benefits of Journaling?

There are many reasons to practice journaling – manifest your dreams, keep track of your travels, or reflect on life events.

But you might be surprised at the long list of benefits journaling has for your mental health beyond recounting memories.

Journaling can help relieve stress by getting your thoughts and feelings off your chest. Have you noticed that when you talk to someone about how you’re feeling, your mood improves? Well, journaling is similar.

The thoughts and feelings have somewhere to go, meaning they don’t stay bottled up inside. Writing in your journal frees up any tension allowing you to relieve stress and feel more at ease. 

Journaling allows you to self-reflect. Life can be pretty hectic. And it doesn’t always allow us the time and space to connect with ourselves and check in on our needs.

Journaling allows you a moment of rest to reflect on your state of mind. We’re often busy tending to the needs of others, and journaling helps make sure our needs are met too.

Journaling helps you practice gratitude. By regularly writing about what you are grateful for, you might start to see life through a new lens.

Practicing gratitude can provide a mood boost, shift your perspective and remind you of all the wondering things in your world. 

How Do I Get Started With Journaling?

Getting started with journaling couldn’t be easier. Technically, all you need is a pen and paper!

However, some people find it more inspiring to practice journaling if they have a (cute) journal specifically for their musings.

One way to practice journaling is to write out your stream of consciousness. That means writing about whatever you are thinking or feeling without giving it too much thought.

You don’t have to read these entries ever again, so they don’t have to make sense! The goal of this practice is to give your thoughts somewhere to go, helping you feel at ease. 

Another way to practice journaling is using journal prompts. These are especially helpful if the words aren’t flowing when writing your stream of consciousness. 

Here are some journal prompts to lift your mood.

  • What qualities do I love about myself?
  • How can I show myself kindness today?
  • What are ten things I am grateful for?
  • In the next five years, I want to…
  • My friends and family would describe me as…
  • What brings me the most joy?

There’s no better time than now to begin your journaling practice. So grab your journaling cards and a cup of tea and let the words pour out.

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