The Power of Makeup: 5 Reasons Why Makeup is Important

Makeup is often seen as being superficial, one-dimensional, fake, and unnecessary. But makeup is so much more than that. For some, it’s an art, and for others, it’s self-expression. But one thing’s certain. It is important. If you’re not convinced why makeup is important, these five reasons might change your mind. 

Girl applying makeup, exploring the reasons why makeup is important.

5 Powerful Reasons Why Makeup is Important

Makeup holds power. After all, women have been wearing makeup for the last 6,000 years, so case in point!

If you’re not someone who gets excited about their morning makeup routine or testing the latest products from Sephora, try thinking outside the box. For some people, makeup holds the key to self-expression, a way to boost their confidence, or a creative outlet.

Let’s break down the 5 reasons (of many) why makeup is important. Who knows – they might just inspire you to try out a new look! 

Makeup Makes You Feel More Confident

I think we can all agree that the first reason why makeup is important should be the huge confidence booster it provides. (When done well, of course.) While I get that you shouldn’t rely on makeup to make you feel confident or beautiful, it sure can help. Especially on those days when you’re just not feeling yourself.

Think back to those nights when you’ve rocked a killer red lip or when you nailed the cat-eye. It can undoubtedly make you feel confident knowing that you look damn good. 

For those dealing with skin concerns like blemishes, acne scars, or even the signs of aging, a good concealer can be transformational. It helps to cover up any flaws that may cause insecurity allowing you to tackle the day with confidence.

If wearing makeup makes you feel more attractive, or you want to enhance your natural beauty, go for it. Or if you use cosmetics to hide the appearance of blemishes or cover up skin concerns, that’s great too!

Makeup Allows You to Express Yourself

We go through many phases and moods in our lives, and our trusty makeup kits are always there to help us express ourselves! (Even those popular makeup trends we wish we didn’t follow.) 

You can roll out of bed, walk into your bathroom and decide who you want to be today. Or which version of yourself you want to present to the world. Isn’t that magic?

Maybe you woke up feeling like sunshine and rainbows. So you pull out your brightest eye shadow pallet and create a look that represents how you’re feeling. 

Or maybe you want to look all business for your first day at work. So you apply your highlighter to your cheekbones and brow gel to define those arches for a subtle yet powerful office look. 

Makeup is a Creative Outlet

Who says makeup isn’t an art form? Have you seen special effects makeup!? As we all know, any creative outlet – be it painting a canvas or painting face is extremely therapeutic and rewarding.

There’s nothing quite like experimenting with a new look or attempting to nail a cut crease. P.S. good eyeshadow brushes help, but make sure you’re using the right one!

A big sisters complete guide to makeup brushes - girl holding up a fan brush.

Selecting a lip color to wear, choosing your blush, and matching your foundation to your skin tone is all part of the creative process.

And there’s no denying that makeup takes skill, but it’s something that most women have immediate access to right in their bathroom! It is the perfect creative outlet without an intimidating barrier to entry. 

Makeup Allows You to Learn and Grow

Anyone who says makeup is easy has obviously never tried getting their winged eyeliner symmetrical. (On the first go, at least!) 

Makeup is a dynamic world that you can nourish and grow within to develop your own personal style. With so many techniques and products to play with, there’s always room to experiment with new cosmetics to improve your artistry. 

Maybe you started following YouTube tutorials, and now you’re a professional makeup artist! Or perhaps you’re learning new skills to use on your own glam. Whatever it may be, any opportunity that allows you to acquire knowledge and grow is something to celebrate.

Makeup is an Act of Self-Care

No one should ever feel like they need to wear makeup for other people, but you can definitely do it for yourself! If it makes you feel good – that’s enough of a reason to wear makeup. Have you noticed that when you look your best, you also feel your best? I don’t think that’s a coincidence!

Even the act of applying makeup – sitting alone, taking time to tend to and focus on yourself is an act of self-love. You can forget about the rest of your day and focus on playing with different looks, pampering yourself, and ultimately, having fun. 

So the next time you’ve had a rough day, pour yourself a glass of wine, and take out your makeup kit. Let the stress melt away as you go to town perfecting your complexion and contouring your face! Glittery blue eyeliner? Or a retro bold lip?

Even if your glam doesn’t look quite like the YouTube tutorials you follow, having an outlet for self-care and relaxation is extremely beneficial. 

Why is Makeup Important to You?

Whether you’re following YouTube tutorials for fun, or turn to makeup as a stress release – you can’t deny why makeup is important. It holds a lot of power, enhancing our natural beauty on the outside while also igniting our inner beauty. And that in itself is extremely empowering!

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