Why Sustainable Fashion Is Important & Yes, We Should Care

There’s so much confusion on sustainable fashion and if we, as consumers, should care. Is this simply a trending marketing movement, or is there truth behind this hot buzzword? We’ve got the answers. Here are five reasons why sustainable fashion is important and why you might want to make the shift to an ethical, sustainable wardrobe. 

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What Is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion refers to clothing that’s designed and produced in a sustainable way. I.E., the manufacturing process can be continued and sustained long-term without a negative impact on the people or the planet. 

Wikipedia defines sustainable fashion as:

“A movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. It addresses the entire manner in which clothing is produced.”

What’s The Deal With Fast Fashion?

On the opposite side of the coin, Fast Fashion is clothing that’s designed, created, and consumed quickly. Think Zara, H&M, and Shein. The garments are trendy, cheap, and churned out with a short turnaround time to meet consumer demand.

But Wait, Why Is Fast Fashion So Bad?

The fast-fashion model is based on overconsumption and over-production and is considered not to be ethical nor sustainable. It has a devastating effect on the environment and the garment workers. 

  • The fast fashion industry uses toxic chemical dyes that contaminate our freshwater supply.
  • The garment workers in the fast fashion industry are often underpaid and overworked while being subjected to dangerous conditions and toxic work environments.
  • Fast fashion is the main contributor to the massive amount of textile waste in our landfills each year.
  • Polyester – a popular material used in the fast fashion industry sheds microfiber plastics when washed. These microplastics contribute to the enormous levels of plastic in our oceans that continue to rise each year.
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There’s no denying that fast fashion isn’t so hot. But why is sustainable fashion important beyond adhering to trends? 

Why Sustainable Fashion Is Important

Here are five reasons why sustainable fashion is important and why you may want to ditch fast fashion for good.

The Environment

Yes, fast fashion is affordable. But it’s the environment that’s paying the price. Sustainable companies aim to have as small of a carbon footprint as possible. They use natural, recycled materials that require less water, less energy, and no harmful chemicals and pesticides to grow.

Garment Workers

Have you ever thought about how your clothes are made? And who made your clothes? Sustainable fashion companies are often completely transparent about the working conditions and wages for their garment workers. 

They provide their workers with fair, living wages, workers’ rights, and healthcare. (If you want to check how your favorite clothing brand ranks, check out their B-Corp score.)

Timeless Classics

Sustainable fashion brands create high-quality, durable pieces that will last for years to come. Instead of adhering to trends that come and go, sustainable brands create timeless classics that will continue to work even as your style changes. 

The Animals

Fast fashion quite literally kills for fashion. Millions of animals are killed for fast fashion each year, putting wildlife and endangered species at risk. But sustainable fashion companies are trying to change that. 

Sustainable and ethical fashion brands are now opting for cruelty-free, vegan alternatives that don’t harm animals. Recycled plastics are used to make accessories and activewear. And vegan leather made from fruit waste is being used to create stylish shoes and bags! 

Smaller Collections

Unlike the shocking number of collections that fast fashion companies release every month (looking at you, Shein.) Sustainable fashion brands release only a few collections throughout the year with small quantities of stock. That means less waste in our landfills and fewer methane emissions

How To Shop Sustainably

Are you ready to make the switch to sustainable, ethical clothing? Go you! Here are our favorite sustainable brands you can shop for right on Amazon! 


Shop Pact for their affordable organic basics like this Cotton Camisole with a built-in shelf bra! This is a purchase you can feel proud of as Pact only partners with fair trade certified factories.


Prana’s motto is “clothing for a positive change.” They produce travel-ready clothing with respect for the people and planet. We love their Varsity Jacket for staying cozy in the winter months. 

Synergy Organic Clothing

Synergy Organic Clothing produces sustainable and fair trade clothing that makes you look and feel your best. Hey Siri, add the Crisp & Cool Jumpsuit to my cart.


If you’re after timeless and super cute underwear you can feel good about purchasing, look no further than Boody. Our go-to? Hands down, The Shaper Bra

Other Ways To Make Your Wardrobe Sustainable

Don’t want to online shop? We’ve got you. There are other affordable (and even free) ways you can make your wardrobe more sustainable.

Shop second hand

You don’t need to hit up H&M to get an affordable outfit, just head to your local thrift store! Not only will you save money, but you’ll also be able to rock a look that no one else has. Who says buying sustainable fashion has to be expensive?!

Repurpose your old clothes

Get out your sewing kit and turn those old jeans into a cute pair of denim shorts. Or transform your over-worn dress into a tank top. You have a whole new wardrobe waiting to be discovered.

Organize a clothing swap

Gather all your unwanted clothes and organize a clothing swap with your crew. You’ll leave with new threads and feel good knowing you’re extending the life of your unwanted items.

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Why Sustainable Fashion Is Important

Choosing to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment by making your wardrobe sustainable is a cause you should feel damn good about!

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